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Career Research

No description

Alex Nevarez

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Career Research

Crime Scene Forensic Photography Job Description Salary Education Forensic means "having to do with law
Use Photography to support evidence
Photograph evidence ,accidents and crime scenes
Different Techniques to accurately record evidence
On call
create a complete and accurate picture of the crime scene.
Used for trials Usually work for:
Police department
Forensic Services company
Coroner's office
Insurance companies Depends on;
$50,000 annually
good pension and benefits Strong background and qualifications in photography
Most start as Crime Scene Investigators or Scene of Crime Officers
General Training in CSP
Specialist Training in
Experience in digital imaging
National Occupational Standard for photo imaging
Science( bio/ chem) at least one A level or higher
and math Criminal Justice Strayer University Manansas Virgina University of Phoenix Phoenix , Arizona Criminal Justice University of Nevada Natural Sciences Las Vegas Prerequisites No Set Standards
higher Education Higher pay
Depends who you work for
Police Traning
No Formal Training Criminology ,Forensics Degrees Experience Infrared and ultraviolet Cameras, computers, Image production By: Olivia Nevarez
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