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Christopher Robin's Schizophrenia

No description

MinJae Lee

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Robin's Schizophrenia

Winnie The Pooh Christopher Robin:
The main character of the story. Has schizophrenia.
Common signs of this disorder:
Difficulty distinguishing reality and fiction By Callyn "eye candy" Dudash, Rachel "Rox Sox" Bennett, and MinJae "P.S We apologize for the poor audio quality of our videos" Lee Edward "Winnie The Pooh" Bear Eating disorder :
Compulsive eating
Uncontrollable eating even when not hungry
Decreased mobility due to weight gain Piglet Panic Disorder
Becomes startled very easily
Sudden repeated attacks of fear Eeyore Depressive Disorder:
Persistent sad, anxious or empty Mood
feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or pessismism Tigger Winnie-the-Pooh is the story of a young child named Christopher Robin who, with the help of his stuffed bear named Edward, create an imaginary world unlike any before. Christopher and Winnie, along with all of their friends, go on magical adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods. ADHD
Primarily hyper active
Fidgets about, squirms, bounces
Runs around, climbs in inappropriate situations (Or in his case bounces)
Difficulty being quiet
Always on the go
Talks excessively
Impulsive Rabbit Obsessive compulsive disorder:
Obsessions or compulsions that interfere with everyday life.
Obsessions include orderliness, washing and cleaning, etc. FIN.
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