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Chp 18 Immigration: A Canadian Tradition

No description

A. teBokkel

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Chp 18 Immigration: A Canadian Tradition

A Canadian Tradition
“Canada encourages its immigrants to retain their traditions and language while becoming part of the larger Canadian culture”

key to our population growth,
makes country multicultural and diverse
Canada's Immigration History

requirements to immigrate, distance, cost

[law in own country: Soviet Union “defecting”]

strict rules by government about who will be admitted
look at contribution to economy and society
three kinds:
1. Economic Immigrants
2. Family Immigrants
3. Refugees
How Someone Becomes an Immigrant to Canada

skilled workers and business immigrants
if one family member qualifies, all immediate family do

skilled worker
must receive 67 points in points system
Economic Immigrants
migration between provinces
Interprovincial Migration
Chp 18 Immigration
How Many?
From Where?

Varies with political, economic, and natural factors
incentives (free land, opportunities)
political strife
bad economy
19th-ea.20th cent. British Isles and Europe
today from everywhere
Canada a haven from dangers in own country
likely in future more from Asia
Why People become Immigrants
reasons that draw people toward another country
reasons that people leave their own country
push factors:
pull factors:
intervening obstacles:
refugee: one who fears cruel or inhumane treatment (or even death) in his/her home country for any number of reasons

can apply as visitors to CA or from own country
typical numbers 24 000-33 000 annually
points system to see who will likely be successful immigrant
adjusted to see that immigrants meet economic needs of the country
Family Immigrants

allow families to reunite by bringing close relatives to Canada
eligible: spouses, dependent children, parents, grandparents, some cases: brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, grandchildren

every family immigrant must be sponsored by relative in CA

sponsor agrees to provide for immigrants needs for 3-10 years if run into financial difficulty (in extreme cases, may have to sell home or borrow money to meet obligation)
business class immigrants must show ready and able to make significant financial contribution
establish or buy a business, making an investment that creates at least one job outside immediate family
amount varies depending on where want to settle
only need 35 points
in-migration and out-migration
Canada needs immigration to boost aging population and to replace baby boomers leaving the workforce
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