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Los sanfermines

No description

Maddie Cissell

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Los sanfermines

Even tough they started keeping records 100 years ago, it actually started 421 years ago
There is actually an app for this event
festival part 3
Los sanfermines means the festival of San Fermin
Its when six bulls and a few steers run the streets.
The runner wear uniforms that honor sain
ts a
nd butchers
the San Fermin festival is a 100 year tradition
the festival
Officials have been keeping records since 1924, and so far there have been 15 deaths
It is held every October to honor St. San Fermine
This tradition is very risky and dangerous
It is popularized by American culture
festival part 2
It is held in the city of Pamplona
The best way to watch this event is behind fencing that lines the course, or the best way is on one of the many balconies that line the course
Can occur anywhere between the 6th to the 14th of July
The chase starts after the launching of two rockets
festival part 4
Later there will be a third rocket launch when the bulls reach the area
Then a final launch indicates that the bull is safely inside the ring, and that the run has ended
festival part 5
running: correr (core-rare)
bull: el toro (tore-o)
chase: perseguir (pare-say-gear)
tradition: la tradicion (tra-dis-e-own)
street: la calle (ka-yay)
useful vocabulary
Los sanfermines
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