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Mantle of the Expert

No description

Stacey Sampson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Mantle of the Expert

A method of developing creativity within the curriculum
Mantle of the Expert What is mantle of the expert? It is a dramatic enquiry based learning approach, developed by Professor Dorothy Heathcote in the 1980’s.
In essence, the class do all of their curriculum work within a fictional world where they become the experts.
They take on the role of a company or enterprise where they take on responsibilities and challenges, making learning purposeful and creative.
There is always a company or enterprise to be run, in a fictional world.
A ‘client’ needs help with a job needing doing - the children take on responsibility to help the client with the task.
Learners and teachers are themselves whilst using their imagination that they are the experts running their company or enterprise.
They engage in activities that are both curriculum tasks, and also professional practises.
The children reflect on their work to make meaning of it.
How does MoE work? Examples of
mOe FRAMEWORK A class could become a group of rescuers, asked by a ‘client’ to help organise a full scale rescue operation at the site of an earthquake. They will need to think of all the requirements needed to do this. This will involve many purposeful curriculum tasks, e.g. maths, literacy, geography, PHSE, ICT, drama.
A class could be given the role of running a hotel for foreign visitors. Within this framework they would have to think about all the needs of foreign visits, eg. Food, finance, language, advertising etc
A class could take on the role of a café. The roles involved could be menu planning, customer service, ordering stock, recruiting staff, advertising services, hygiene etc
The list of possibilities is endless, please see examples in handouts.

The teacher and TA can step in and out of role, she/he could be seen as a manager or the client.
There is a certain amount of risk, and planning needs to be more fluid although some areas of learning can be pre-planned by the teacher.
Certain ‘provocations’ set by the teacher e.g. emails, letters, telephone calls from the client can structure the process.
Ofsted are behind MoE!
TEACHER AND TA ROLES Challenge! In your year groups, develop ideas to run a Mantle of the Expert project.
Use the hand outs for ideas and inspiration.
Write up your ideas on flip chart paper first of all
Then put your ideas onto the templates provided. Show which curriculum areas you have covered.
Background planning – the curriculum area to be developed, the interests of the children
The theme, situation and enquiry
The team of experts, and the ‘Client’
Mapping the curriculum/tasks and activities
The process starts with an initial step, led by the client. From there it is led by the children, and guided by the teacher.
Planning an MoE enquiry...
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