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Vertical Science Team Planning

No description

Angela Fontenot

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of Vertical Science Team Planning

Recognize and Reinforce
Vertical Science Team Planning
August 21, 2013

Components of the Fundamental 5
STAAR Questions
Lunch @ 11:30
Science Fair Plan
Vertical Analysis of STAAR and EOY Tests
Framing the Lesson
Writing Critically
Power Zone
Objective - Knowledge

Lecture Zones
Power Zones

Planning for Small Group Productive Talk
Strategies to Help Guide the Talks
Productive Recognition and Reinforcement
Easy Writing Exercises
Summer Professional Development Share Out
Science Fair
Vertical Analysis of 6th, 7th EOY, and STAAR Data
STAAR Questions
Be prepared to share with you shoulder partner how this clip looks very familar to what we and our students experience.
Snowball Acitivity
email fontenota@lpisd.org
cell 281 709 3519
Key to Increased Learning and Retention of Information
Share Out on Professional Development

Science Fair Discussion
Dr. Carol Dweck
Formative Assessments
Probing Activity
Share Out of Objective

We will review the components of the Fundamental 5.
I will write a kid friendly objective for a lesson over the first content SE using the VAD document from CSCOPE.
* Identify what SE's were your hotspots for each grade level.
* Use your lead4ward documents to determine which SE's supported a Readiness standard in the 8th grade that shows to be a hotspot.
*Compare and contrast the question for each of the SE's at each grade level for the hotspot.
Be prepared to share your "aha" moments. :)
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