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My personal project was to redecorate my bedroom with some o

No description

emily b

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of My personal project was to redecorate my bedroom with some o

step 1:
Personal Project '13
[re-decorating my bedroom]
the re-decorating phase
this phase needs more emphasis because it will take up the longest amount of time and i will need to be clear on what steps and instructions i need to follow
{the 6 phases}
small sketches and brainstorms
list of items and budget
final designs
all research and beginning of compilation of folder
completing physical work
photos and completion of folder
this next phase is perhaps one of the most important phases, it is the research involved, the research has no effect on the physical work that i will be completing, but it is for my own benefit to research rules of interior design and to find out about famous interior designers and trends over the decades. this phase will also include starting the folder, gluing in all work completed and settling on a final folder layout.
phase 5 and 6 will include me buying all of the materials from the selected shops, assembling the furniture, placing it in my room, making the art and finalising it all to look the way i want it too. For phase 6 i will need to compile the folder completely including all before and after photos, brainstorms, research and lists.
My personal project was to redecorate my bedroom with some of my own art and personally crafted decorations mixed with new furniture and room decorations. This presentation is an outline of my entire personal project 'goal'.
my final designs will be a two scale floor plan options of my room with labels and reasons for choosing one, it will also have perspective sketches of each wall of the floor plan chosen. there will be final art plans scale to the canvases they are on and labeled. This section will have illustrations of self made decorations with labels.
small sketches and diagrams included are of the ideas and brainstorms i have had of possible room designs and arrangements. These sketches also include decorative items and furniture i would like and items i will make my self. These are not final sketches and are to be cut out and included in my folder
this is a list of every item that i will need to complete my personal project, it will also be a checklist of what i already have and what i don't need to buy. My budget will fit in perfectly with all the items i require. My budget and items needed will be included in my folder after my initial brainstorms.
pages one to four
inside the folder
*things included on each page
these pages will include all parts from phase one. also including a title page and a statement of the project goal.
page 1: title page with photo collage

page 2: brief statement of project goal with more photos

page 3 and 4: brainstorms of art ideas and room layouts and furniture i want on a page
pages 5 and 6
page 5: The full list of everything i will need with notes beside the items i already have and the ones i do not need to buy. this does not mean the exact item (eg. don't write hemnes wardrobe, Ikea it just write wardrobe)

page 6: A full budget with prices of each item and the total amount of money to be spent, photographs of items to be included. This does require me to write the name of each item and where it's from
pages seven to twelve
these pages will be of hand drawn sketches and typed up notes on each required part, they will be stuck in with a scrap book style and will cover 5 pages below are the page numbers and what will be included on each page
the design phase
Page 7: first scale sketch with labels and some perspective drawings of what the walls around the room will look like

Page 8: chosen scale sketch with labels, measurements and notes on why I chose that one

Page 9: perspective sketches of each wall

Page 10: final canvas designs scale to the canvases they are on with some notes

Page 11: final decoration and craft designs with notes on how they will be constructed

Page 12: research into interior design and it’s origins (feng sui and different types of religious beliefs around how it works)
Page 13: research into modern interior design and tips on designing a space
Page 14: conclusion and bibliography

Pages Twelve to Fourteen
[the research]
lists and budget
these two pages will include all details from phase two
all lists will be typed up and will have pretty decorations on them, they will be glued in with pictures seperate to them
pages fifteen to eighteen
[the photography and the conclusion]
page 15: before photos of the room
page 16: photos of items and the room being constructed
page 17: after photos of the room
page 18: conclusion with before and after contrast photos of the same space stuck around it
the following slides are steps {all in order} of what i will need to do to have the bedroom fully finished. This has nothing to do with folders and research
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