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Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Timeline

BY: Atalie Garmo and Michelle Greenwood

Michelle Greenwood

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Timeline

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Timeline 1876 The Telephone The Dishwasher By: Atalie Garmo and Michelle Greenwood 1867 1916 The Escalator Alexander Graham Bell came up with the idea at his summer home in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, but built the first device in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The effect that the telephone had on society was that it made it easier to talk to people that live far away. 1891 The Typewriter 1867 Inventor: Christopher Scholes
Invented In: Wisconsin The effect that the typewriter had on society was people didn't have to hand write letters, papers etc. It also made writing books easier and faster. 1886 Inventor: Josephine Cochrane
Invented In: Shelbyville, Illinois The dishwasher effected society because people did not have to wash dishes by hand, they had something to automatically do it for them. It saved a lot of time for people since it was a faster process. The Vacuum Cleaner 1899 Inventor: John Thurman
Invented In: St. Louis, Missouri The vacuum cleaner was patented on October 3, 1899.
The effect the motor-driven vacuum cleaner had on society was that people actually had something to clean up messes for them instead of using their hands. John Thurman also patented the vacuum cleaner, so now people could not copy or use the same ideas. Model T 1908 Inventor: Henry Ford
Invented In: USA Inventor: Jesse W. Reno
Invented In: Kansas The Roller Coaster 1898 Inventor: Edwin Prescott
Invented In: Russia The roller coaster effected society by it made Amusement Parks more thrilling and changed the experience of tourists at the Parks. The Air Conditioner 1902 The Model T effected society because now that people had cars to get to places quicker, it was much easier. Ford came out with it's first assembly line and automobile. This had improved American society and how people lived because now they had a gas-powered engine that they could use to get to places instead of walking or using other transportation. Stainless Steel 1916 Inventor: Willis Carrier
Invented In: New york Colored Photography 1907 Inventor: Auguste and Louis Lumiere
Patented In: France The air conditioner affected society by it cooled people off in the hot summer months. The air conditioner was the most efficient and easiest way to stay cool. The effect that the escalator had on society was that it was easier for people to move up and down floors in a public place. Inventor: Henry Brearly
Invented In: Sheffield, England The effect stainless steal had on society was that it did not rust or stain, so it was easier to clean. Also, jewelry was not ruined as quickly. It benefited a lot of people because things would not go to waste as much. Colored Photography affected society by it was easier to understand what is happening in the picture. It is more of a clearer and detailed image.
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