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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Karen Kelly

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Author The mind behind all of these intellegent thoughts. John Boyne was born April 30, 1971 in Dublin. He got his education at Trinity College, and started getting published while he was there. He is now an Irish novelist. John Boyne is the author of six novels, and 70 different short stories. His novels have been published in 42 different languages. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was ranked #1 New York Bestseller. Over 5,000 copies were sold. Research in Animoto Conflict TThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas was written with many different conflicts. One of those conflicts is the holocaust. The holocaust is a horrible thing for many people, like the people in the concentration camps. It is also horrible for people who have to see it happen like Bruno. Another one of those conflicts is the relationship between Bruno's father, and mother. It was definitely worse with Bruno's father. They never took time to spend with each other and they had different thoughts on things like the concentration camps. Lastly, another conflict is that Bruno and Shumel are separated. Shumel is now Bruno’s best friend, and they can’t even play with each other. These conflicts were horrible, but made this an amazing book. Main Characters Bruno- 9 year old boy who moves to countryside, and is unfilimair of the holocaust. Gretel- Brunos sister who is around 13 years old. Father- Father of Bruno and Gretel. A commandant in the war for Hitler and odesn't mind all the horriblt things happening. Mother- Mother of Bruno and Gretel. Hasn't made up her mind on the holocaust. Lieutenant Kotler- solider, works at the concentraion camp, and often at their house to speak with father. Shmuel- 9 year old boy who is at the concentration camp near Bruno's home. SPOILER The boys keep meeting each other everyday, but Bruno’s family has no idea. Finally after multiple days it is time. Bruno’s family is moving back to Berlin, this is what Bruno had wanted. He didn't want it know. Shmuel and Bruno had become such great friends it was hard to say goodbye, but they had to have one adventure before Bruno returns to Berlin. Two days before they leave Shmuel sadly announces that his father has gone missing. Bruno knew that that would be their adventure. Bruno comes on to Shmuel’s side of the fence. They are having a great time until "the marching" takes place. They get put into this room about to take a "shower." While Bruno’s family is looking for him, he is holding Shmuels hand dying. Wow! This book was defientley one of the best books I have ever read. John did an amzing job with details. He showed and didn't tell. I would reccommend this book to everyone. I was inpreased and never wanted to stop reading it. This book gave me different perspetives on things, and showed me what happened in life and sometimes still does happen. By the end of this book my eyes were red with tears rolling down. Evaluation Summary
Capital of Germany
3.4 million people
tourist destination Berlin OutWith Largest Nazi concentraion camp Setting The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has many different themes. One of those themes is taking courage in different situations. Jonas had to have courage when he went on to Shumels side of the fence. Another theme is, relationships can be created by anyone. Like Bruno, and Shumel. Shumel lives in a concentration camp and always wears the same clothes, while Bruno lives in a house with nice, clean clothes everyday. Their different lifestyles don't change their relationship with each other. Despite their backgrounds, they are still best friends. Themes http://www.johnboyne.com/about/ Concentration Camps Research in Animoto Hitler http://animoto.com/play/ppoNUXWWLG9GT0lkH6a1DQ http://animoto.com/play/LqZHDlrAGN131TKYBNkk1A The Boy in the Striped Pajamas tells the story of a families life. When Bruno’s family has to leave Berlin, because of his dads work, Bruno has to say good-bye to all of his friends who are close by. He moves to the countryside, a place called the Out-With, the largest Nazi camp. Bruno has yet to know that it is a concentration camp.

Bruno is a true explorer. The first couple of days strike him with boardness and no friends. He decides to explore in his backyard the next day. He finds himself at the tall fence he had seen out his window. This fence seems to go on forever. He sees something quite a ways down, so he starts walking. He was right, there was a boy (Shmuel). These boys decide to be friends because each other are all they got.
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