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obesity satire

No description

Michaella Gibson

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of obesity satire

Obesity in America
By: Michaella Gibson
Kendall Godley

Increase of Life Expectancy
More Jobs Will Be Available
Psychiatrists Will Profit
Overweight people in America
Without carbs the world would be more in need of neurologist and neurosurgeons because carbs are a brain food!
Stores will thrive because everyone will need a new wardrobe!!
Without chocolate people will commit suicide; opening up job opportunities.
Without chocolate and fast food people are going to go crazy!
Women will be so skinny they will be able to hang their purse on their hips.
Overweight Americans must run 10 miles a day before they go to bed. If the task is not completed their bed at night will throw them on the floor!
They must go to the gym 3 times a day
The Government will shut down fast food restaurants and open veggie and salad bars with only grilled chicken
No electronics will be in your house
Benefits For The Solutions
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