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Segment 1 Collaboration Project

No description

Carlos Urtecho

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Segment 1 Collaboration Project

Segment 1 Collaboration Project
Compare and Contrast the portrayal of Christ during Early Christian Art to that of Byzantine.
By: Carlos Urtecho, Bryan Sheldon, Cimber Sliger.
Byzantine Christ Portrayal
Byzantine emperors saw themselves as Christ's personal priests on earth, the sole authorities in the church as well as in the government. In the sculpture of Barberini it is clearly visible that the upper panel presents Christ between two angels blessing Justinian, giving sanction to the emperor's rule, meaning that byzantine portrayal of christ was used to justify and emperor’s rule.
Early Christian Art Christ portrayal
In Early Christian art Christ was depicted as youthful and became more mature over time. He often wore darker clothing, often purple which signifies royalty
He is also represented as a "Good Shepherd". During this time, figures were very flat without much depth.
Also in Early Christian Art, Christ was Portrayed as a teacher as opposed to Byzantine art where he was portorayed as justification for an emperor's rule.

Byzantine Christ Portrayal
Early Christian Christ Portrayal
Similarities between Christ portrayal in Byzantine and Early Christian Art
A similarity between the portrayal of Christ in both byzantine art and early christian art Christ is portrayed with a halo on his head.
Sculpture of Barberini
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