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PEP 443

Overview of Single-dispatch generic functions in python 3.4

Craig Jellick

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of PEP 443

Courtesy of memegenerator.net
Formal definition
A generic function is composed of multiple functions implementing the same operation for different types. Which implementation should be used during a call is determined by the dispatch algorithm. When the implementation is chosen based on the type of a single argument, this is known as single dispatch.
PEP 443
Single-dispatch generic functions
References and Resources

Motivation and Goals
: Lots of generic functions in std lib with custom implementations: len(), iter(), copy.copy()
: Inspection (i.e. if/elif/else) considered an anti-pattern.
: Provide a uniform API to address dynamic overloading using decorators for both stdlib developers and "normal" developers.
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