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10 books that inspired me

these ten books have impacted who I am today, and I'm going to tell you about them

tassy k

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of 10 books that inspired me

By: Tassy Kirbas Ten Books that Impacted Me The Giving Tree The Giving Tree The Warriors Series books are about cats and how they survive in the wild. These books got me very interested in reading. The Warriors Series Warriors Into the Wild The Grouchy Ladybug The Grouchy Ladybug is about a ladybug who is mean to everyone because he is in a bad mood. This book taught me a good lesson to learn at an early age. No matter how bad of a mood you are in, don't take it out on other people or animals. The Grouchy Ladybug The Emily Windsnap Series The Emily Windsnap Series books are about a girl who finds out that she is a mermaid. These books helped me visualize better when I'm reading, and they made me more imaginative. The Tail of Emily Windsnap Baby Angels Baby Angels is a book about angels watching over a little girl. This book reminds me that my guardian angels are always watching over me. Baby Angels The Cat and the Hat Books The cat and the hat books are about a cat with a hat that takes two children on many adventures. These books were always written in rhymes, so they taught me how to rhyme with the help of my parents. The Cat in the Hat Dragon Slippers Dragon Slippers is a book about a girl named Creel who was given slippers that can control dragons. My mother and I would read this together every night. This book impacted me by helping my mother and I have a closer relationship with each other. Dragon Slippers The Skippyjonjones Series The Skippyjonjones Series are about a Siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua. When I was little, my mother would read me these books in a funny accent. These books made me love cats even more than a did before. Number the Stars Number the Stars is about a girl who has a friend that is Jewish during the holocaust. This book reminded me of how horrible the Nazis were to the Jewish people, and to treat people the way you want to be treated. Number the Stars Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are is a cute book about a boy named Max who becomes the king of the wild things. When I read this book when I was little, it made me wonder what is out there in the wild. Where the Wild Things Are Warriors, Into the Wild By: Tassy Kirbas The Giving Tree is about a boy who takes advantage of a tree who loves him. This book taught me to love and to not take advantage of nature or anything else. Skippyjonjones Thank You for Watching!
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