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PNG 492

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abdulaziz alsulaim

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of PNG 492

Hashim Alawwami
Abdulaziz Alsulaim
Sam Adeoye State College NFC Outline:
Pressure profile (with and without infill well)
History matching
Scenarios with additional wells

Given 2 layers, thicker upper layer and thin lower layer

Provided with specific properties for each layer

CMG was used to build a model of the reservoir

Built 2D and 3D models of all properties (i.e. porosity, permeability...)

Run the model for simulation

Provide a pressure profile and history matching

Analysis of the addition of infill horizontal wells
Well 7015 used for history matching.

Years 2003 and 2009 were chosen for history matching.

Production and injection history was applied to wells.

Pressure change was tested.
Porosity 2D
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