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jozef bednarski

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Avatar

Cultural Conservation Film Festival
The Impact of Colonialism on Indigenous Civilizations

Set Design
Audience Outreach
Action Analysis
Costume Design: Depiction of Social Barrier
Sounds of Avatar
Acting Style
Humans Portrayed as Superior
Nav'vi Portrayed as Primitive
Is there any real world examples of colonialism and how people such as Jake are fighting back?


-technologically dependent

-lack of clothing



-connected with nature and wildlife

"reincarnation of the Hindu Gods taking flesh”
The sound of colonialism is portrayed as destructive and chaotic, creating terror for the Nav'vi
Sounds of Battle
-Enforces the idea that only the strong survive
- Sounds of the aircraft immediately frightens the Nav'vi
- Frantic screams and cries
- Nav'vi weapons do not compare to the RDA
- RDA fire machine guns, rifles, bomb
- Creates chaotic noise
The Sound of Destruction
-Death of the tree +death of their spirit and unity
- Nav'vi cherished their land/ nature and now it is destroyed
- Cried of terror/lost of loved ones throughout the battle
The Sound of James Horner
- James Horner conductor/ head of music for the film
- “Destruction of the Hometree” (song playing during the scene)
creates suspense, begins hard and ends soft
The ideology of colonialism depicted through the use of acting style
The Nav'vi
The destruction of home tree shows the Na’vi people are extremely anxious, petrified and worried
Not exactly sure how to approach a situation where they are clearly in great disadvantage
Naturalistic acting style : emotionally and psychologically involved in their roles
They are acting in a way very true to reality at the moment

Jake Sully
We can consider Jake Sully to be sort of a “bridge” between the Sky people and the Na’vi people
Allows the audience to make connections and almost live through him as both characters
Jake acts in a way that’s true to himself
Jake is true to his emotions and it is visible within the scene, such as when he feels extreme remorse for what has happened
Sky People
Though still realistic we notice how they display a sense of carelessness and ignorance
Neutral emotions to the destruction of the tree, and show indifference to the damage they cause
They are calmer in motion, and I believe this is due to a sense of materialism, they are dependent on their advanced technology
Makes it seem like they are higher in hierarchy

Through action analysis, the ideology of colonialism is the motivation of Earth's Forces destroying Home Tree
James Cameron's film, Avatar, depicts the ideology of colonialism as being a destructive force, in which the strong prey on the weak, bringing more harm to the Nav'vi than good.
What is Colonialism
Our Definition

The people of earth, equipped with futuristic weaponry, oppresses the indigenous people’s home, Pandora, attempting to exploit their land for its resources.

"The strong prey on the weak. It's just the way things are. And nobody does a damned thing." ~ Jake Sully
A Little Analogy
The Strong Prey on the Weak
Another Little Analogy
The strong prey on the weak. It's just the way things are. And nobody does a damned thing." ~ Jake Sully

Jake Opposes the very idea of Colonialism, something we are familiar with and the foundation of many civilizations, including Canada.
If we are used to Colonialism why do we support the decisions of Jake?
Does he truly escape the idea of colonialism?
-The impact on the mind of repeated mass media messages including commercials, posters, etc.

-Examines the hegemonic power of the United States as it applies to the global cultural industries

-In Avatar, analyzing Canada vs. Indigenous
Electronic Colonialism
Destruction of Home Tree
The film portrays a realistic world, in which colonialism is displayed, through a spectacular set design.
Realism through Fiction
"Something that the average person could grab onto as a comfort level...capture them, and slowly introduce these concepts and not hit them over the head with the clown hammer"
~Robert Stromberg
Visual Hierarchy
Nature vs. Technology
Rooted Colorful Plants
Flying Grey Objects
The sense of empowerment is shown from the perspective of people visually higher in society
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