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Wearable Sensors

Emma Janssen

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of n-Sense

What are you drinking
today? What does your body say about you? What's in your wallet? What kind of statement
is your jewelery making? A sensor that fits in your wallet... A wallet you take everywhere... Syncing is simple... Knowing where you've been, and how you got there is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. A sensor on the inside... ... and one on the outside Did you have enough water today? Or too much caffeine? Whats in this formula? Knowing is a sync away. Sync the sensor on the outside... ... and you're ready to go Are you in the mood? Or should you take a break? Tap, and learn more about your stress levels.
Receive helpful suggestions to de-stress, or find
activities to motivate you. Natural materials like ceramic
are also quite trendy! Knowing your body temperature or heart rate is a simple plug away. Knowing where you misplaced your wallet is also very handy. Wear your jewelery anywhere you want, and you can find out different things about yourself depending on the location of the sensor. GPS, pedometer, accelerometer, RFID... and more. Stop thinking about it
and find out with Intel. Thank You.
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