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Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory

No description

Jade Lawford

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory

Ideology Can we really break the chains of Ideology? Mhhh, apparently yes... She is:
Extremely beautiful
Breaks away from patriarchal discourse and Ideology! By wearing Lancolme perfume!!! You can can break ideology, patriarchy and a society dominated by hierarchy, control and power. Karl Marx: False consciousness we may think were free and individual but everything we do is ideological. Created, controlled and determined by and for society! Although you may not know it Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory
Jade Lawford: u1155029 Boys
Action hero
Protector Girls
Reliant on man
other creates gendered
Binary oppositions It is imbedded from birth Opposite/ other: Identity is bestowed on us by others: Edward Said Connotation: Roland Barthes Binary opposites Men go in the army, drive trucks, bikes and work. Women cook, clean, look after the home and children. While looking like barbie who is part of 'the matching range'! Patriarchal discourse: Simone De Beauvoir Women don't do these things it would seem: Women = the second sex We are individual after all. Or are we? All of these superhuman 'men' have something in common Laura Mulvey:
She is the object of the the male gaze This type of patriarchal discourse is imbedded into children. Boys are masculine and provider and girls come second to them. LeitMotiphe: The Damsel The Damsel is:
Subject to the male gaze and objectified.
A spectacle
White/ wearing white
NOT capable
Needs protecting,
by the superhuman 'white man'

But from what? The bad guy:
Wants to take over the world
Dark in what he wears
Given demonic characterization
Hes never quite as clever as the white superhero
Needs to be controlled and stopped Honni K Bhabha: Post Colonialism Post Colonialism and Racial stereotypes, don't just exist in film This is the society we live in HAHA, this may seem laughable! But... What do we expect? Karl Marx, New society born from old! Reece:
"It is true though women should cook, clean, look after the children and home.
I'm at work all day" So can Reece really be blamed for this opinion? De Beauvoir, Gender is NOT naturally given it is a production of society! This magazine is heavily gendered: It would seem only women bake, it is pink it has butterflies and hearts!!! These binary oppositions are a created and constructed by society and culture: Simone De Beauvoir Expectations of gender, defining gender and making separations between the sexes creates difference, other and hierarchy!! Ferdinand de Saussure: We know what we are because we know what were not. There is only ever difference! This is not natural it is constructed by and for society, patriarchal power still influences today! For the black man to win he needs to be made a spectacle of laughed at, controlled and taught by the white man!!! WHY? Black:
threat to order,
Needs controlling,
Other Shows power dynamics and oppositions he is controlled by the white man, he is black he is the other and he is a threat! Edward Said: Not in control of your identity!!! Fanon: His race and skin is provided by the white man in a white world! Advertisements Jacques Lacan: Self and the ideal I Are we ever truly happy with who we are? Advertisements sold to people and prey on people because aspirations we have are created by others. Not one of the 'actors' need surgery or to loose weight... This is false and plays on peoples sense of self, suggesting people can achieve and aspire to more by having surgery or being thin! Karl Marx: Economics and social reality! We may think free and can achieve this look and status but actually it is advertisements like this that create that false consciousness. Ideology and the Real You are in control, lucky you, power to you, you are free. Apparently!! This is ideology!!! Hierarchy and power difference Society and Culture creates this power divide. Marx: All determined on economy and class which tells you the position your in in society. Althussar: Ideology is created by subjects, for subjects but subjects created by ideology! Students NOT welcome! SO WHY DO WE FOLLOW THIS SYSTEM? Althussar: We act ideological because this is how we are brought up. Althussar ISA: Bailey my three year old nephew, wanted to dress as this for Halloween. So why did I have a problem? Ideology, society and culture still has expectations of what is correct for your sex! When society shows him he has the power and hierarchy between the sexes. Justine Ashby: Post feminism! Post Feminism as backlash She is doing what she wishes,
in control of her own destiny but at what cost? Laura Mulvey: She is still objectified as a woman and subject to the male gaze!!! BUT.... Scopophilia: Women also enjoy looking!
Gender norms are diverted hear
Woman bearer of the look! The man is the image and objectified... women seen as hyperventilated sexuality Feminism: she is playing to patriarchal rule Does this take power and firm belief in phallocentricsm from him> NO! He enjoys the attention, power and hold he has over the viewer She is gaining power back by insulting and damaging the males phallic and power However in the process she has damaged herself also by showing she is passive and inferior to him Hierarchy: White masculinity depends on femininity and blackness for its privileged identity Helen Cixous: Feminism, constrains and constructs identity Post Colonial discourse is imaginary and constructed by the west and white! Oh and he has to be controlled by the white man! Yet you use a cliches to sell your product!!!
So why do we buy into it? I did not want him to be made fun of. My ISA, ideology and society screams out this is for girls. Grandma Mave: "Jeremy Kyle's just starting to clap like them blacks"!!! Edward Said: West constructs the East. 'Other' No what we are because no what were not Post colonial: Race was invented and constructed So why does my grandma do this? HAVE FUN! Saussure:
Signifier= Red Box
Signified= Pay Phone Roland Barthe: Second order denotation
Connotations= Iconic phone box, technology has moved on
Now not needed,
the world is mobile,
Letter writing is a thing of the past,
World moved forward and left the phone box subject to vandalism- This happens to all that you see.
Also connotes bored youths in this 21st century. Saussure: We know what it is because we know what is not!! Something a little lighter! Saussure: Reading Culture So if we can read culture, why can we not see when were being pulled by advertising? So why do with and live in a society that represses, controls and constructs us as individuals? Can men be to blame? What happens when masculinity is challenged? British beef?
I am a white man,
British= West
I am masculine,
I am patriarchy
and I am right. I like glossy musicals?
Lost masculinity,
laughed at,
'Othered' When masculinity seems lost or challenges the norms of what is expected- he is laughed at! Advertisements like this are symbolizing and upholding patriarchy, warning men, masculinity, strength and power!!! What happens when women challenge masculinity and power?
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