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William Mckinley

No description

matt merback

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of William Mckinley

25th President William Mckinley Childhood *William Mckinley was born on Jan. 29, 1843.
*He lived in Niles, Ohio, and was there until the age of about 10.
*He was pretty athletic, he farmed, hunted, fished, ice skated, swam, and rode horses.
* He was very educational and religious, he had spent time praying and going to church, and also spent time reading and doing mathematics. Background Information Presidency War With Spain
(100 day war) * A ship exploded mysteriously and the public wanted to go to war with Spain because they thought it was them.
*Spain was attacking Cuba for their land. Mckinley decided to be allies with Cuba.
*It was an easy win for the U.S
*The economy was getting better after this war.
*The U.S now took possession of Cuba, Peurto Rico, Gaum, and the Philippines. *William Mckinley was a republican.
* Mckinley entered the Civil War when he was 18 as a private, when the Civil War was over he was a major.
* After the war he studied law in Canton, Ohio.
*He married Ida Saxton in Ohio. * Mckinley was sworn as president in March 4th, 1897.
* In his speech he mentioned that he didn't want war and wouldn't be aggressive with territory.
* His first hand man and also his friend was Secretary of State, John Sherman.
* His main goal was to boost up the economy. 1900 Election * After Mckinley's great term, he was assured a second.
*He also needed a new running mate because his vice president died.
* William Mckinley won his second term with no worries.
* Theodore Roosevelt was his new running mate and vice president. The End * William was on a 6 week tour of the nation.
* He went to Buffalo, New York to give a speech
and was shot 2 times and died 8 days later.
*This was the 3rd president assassinated in 36
*Theodore Roosevelt would now become the
26th president of the United States. Interesting Facts *He was on the 500 dollar bill
(do not print those anymore)
*His inauguration speech was the first one
on film.
*First president to use the telephone
* His wife, Ida, hated the color yellow so
much, he removed all the things yellow
in the white house. Accomplishments * He used high taxes or tariffs on
imports to revive the American Economy
*He put America on the "Gold Standard"
*He signed the Republic of Hawaii to part
of the U.S
* The U.S declared war on Spain, and won
in 4 months
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