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STEM Investigation

The Investigation of Guns

Mariel Tivoli

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of STEM Investigation

The Investigation of Guns
Mariel Tivoli and Jason Iyama Gun Powder was found in China in the 9th Century around the year 300 AD. They figured out gun powder could be used for weapons around the year 904 AD The Purpose, Inventor, and Use Of The First Gun Gun Powder After discovering gunpowder, China tried to keep it a secret from other empires, but in the year 1200 AD, the information about gun powder spread out of china into the Mongo Empire.
By the year 1280, it was in Europe Around 1350, the first guns with handles were engineered.
The wheel lock was invented in 1509. It's basic premise is that it creates the spark which ignites the gun powder to fire the weapon.

Rifling is when the inside of the barrel of a gun is spiraled, changing the bullet trajectory. It helps improve accuracy as well as many other things
Was invented in 1498
First appeared in firearms in 1540
The Gatling Machine Gun, created by Richard Gatling in 1861. Innovations Of The Gun Positive Impact: It helps people protect themselves, it helps armies protect there countries, and its good for hunting. The Gun's Impact On Society Chart:
Example: Gun
Science: Discovery of gunpowder, and that it can be used to launch projectiles.
Technology: Creating a device that uses gunpowder to launch objects.
Engineering: Designing a device with gunpowder at one side, and a hole or wick to ignite the gunpowder, sending an object flying the other direction.
Math: What is the appropriate length, width and shape of the device? The gun falls in the production area of technology. Which Area Of Technology Best Classifies The Gun? Negative Impact: It makes crime more deadly and easier to a certain degree. Quote:
“It occurred to me if I could invent a machine, a gun, which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a great extent, supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease be greatly diminished.”
- Dr. Richard Gatling, the inventor of the Gatling Gun In the year 1364, the first use of a gun was recorded. It was a fire lance, and it was founded in Dunhuang by the Chinese. It was designed to kill or injure something. It is still used that way today. 1. Products are innovated because they need improvements to fit societal needs.

2. We would like to innovate the stability of a gun. We chose this product because we feel that it is something that has to be improved for our military. Guns, especially high caliber ones have extremely high recoil. If we could add extra springs to the back, allowing it to absorb the shock, then people could not only get a more accurate shot, but could fire at a better rate. Conclusion Bibliography http://www.americanfirearms.org/history.php

http://brainz.org/10-most-influential-weapons-history/ THE END
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