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The Wendat first nations group!

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Emilia D.

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Wendat first nations group!

The Wendat first nations group!
Natural Environment
The wendat people believed in nature (ex: humans/spirts
They had many lakes,hills, valleys, rivers and their land was very fertile where they lived , So they had enough food and water for everyone. Their summers were very hot and medium to heavy precipitation, their winters were very cold and snowy. They had all 4 seasons and had many trees like maple, beech, oak, spruce and pine.They were surrounded by fields and they respected everything in the environment.
They got their food by hunting, fishing, farming and gathering resources. The women would gather berries in the summer such as strawberries, cherries,blueberries and raspberries, They would also gather mushrooms, roots, onions, pumpkins, sunflower seeds nuts and herbs. They used herbs to flavor food and medicines. The Wendat would dry their food for it to last longer and not spoil. The wendat people mostly hunted deer.
The Wendat people hunted, fished, farmed and gathered natural resources. Everything they had was made from the environment.They had four seasons and knew what to do and how to deal with each season.They were surrounded by lakes and rivers, Also deer was the main animal they hunted.
Their clothing was made of materials from the environment.
The main material they used was deerskin. Women would prepare the deerskin by cleaning it.In the summer ( hot weather ) the children and the men wore as little clothing as possible, In winter (cold weather) the men would wear 2 pieces of leather. The women wore a dress or a skirt made of one piece of leather and sometimes jackets, but on very cold days they would wear fur robes. Paint , porcupine quills and beads made of shells were used for decorating clothes.
Way of life
The wendat people believed in nature(ex:humans/spirts.), respected all living things and had spirtual belifs.After they would hunt an animal they would thank the animal for its generousy.They had a realationship with the creator which was to thank the creator for the gifts.Corn was a really important gift from the creator.They had symbols, which were very sacred and they used them for decorating thier ceremonies, stories and other things.Their healers were very strong. Their job was to heal any part of someones body . Dreams were very important to them , they would talk about there dreams to eachother.
Traditions and costums
The wendat people told many stories. Most stories were told during winter, it was the main activity in winter.Storytellers were respected at all times.They would tell stories in the longhouses.The story tellers sometimes talked about how the world came to be.They also had people called tricksters.
Tricksters could change in to non living things or living things.Other culture called their tricksters a different name.
Interesting facts!
Summer travel -They would rather light weight canoes for quick travel. Birchbark canoes were the best for trading and traveling.
Winter travel - They traveled mostly by foot . They would carry heavy stuff, so they would use a tumpline. A tumpline is a leather strap that they would wear across their forhead to carry heavy loads.Snowshoes were made of stuff from the environment. A winter game would be to fix snowshoes. Everyone knew how to fix snowshoes.

In the spring they would start to prepare and grow crops, In the summer the women weeded crops and gathered herbs for medichine.The elders would chase animals away so they wouldn't eat their crops. Men would fish ,hunt and trade, In the fall they would start to hunt deer, In the winter they made / fixed clothing and tools. They would tell stories , play games ,dance and play music. Some other important information is that they lived in longhouses and it takes two - three days to build a conoe
They were famous for their handcrafted clothes, decorations and tools for hunting.They understood seasonal changes , so they were ready for each season.Corn was the main thing they traded with other tribes.The women from the wendat tribe were excellent farmers.The wendat people also had a lot of land, climate and vegetation.
The Wendat first nations group lived around Ontario.They were really close to the great lakes and the st. Lawrence river.
Location (map slide)
Social structure
The women did most of the farming . The men did the trading and would also clear the fields, so they could start planting .Men also hunted and fished.The women would grind, dry or roast corn into cornmeal.They would have clans which is a group of related families with a common ancestor.They name their clan after an animal for example a Bear clan.They chose a women to be their clan mother. A clan mother is a leader of their clan.Normally they chose the oldest women to be the clan mother.When a boy would get married he would move to his wife's clan.
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