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Persuasive Speech

The United States should switch to the metric system

Sydney Heasley

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Conclusion The United States should switch to the metric system.
Make trade easier
create jobs
already in science
unify with rest of the world
simpler to use; all in tens
reap economic gain Pros of Switching to Metric System The United States Should Switch to the Metric System Same as rest of the world
Easier to learn; everything in tens
Create jobs
Make Americans more equipped to work internationally Everyone would have to relearn
Cost to switch
Road signs, temperature gauges, etc. Cost of Switching to Metric No official estimate has been determined
Cost would soon be outweighed by economic benefit
Easier to do business with other countries Examples The Mars Climate Orbiter project.
How large a cube do you need to build for it to contain a gallon?
Metric: One liter is a decimeter cubed, so a cube with sides of 1 decimeter is needed.
Imperial: liquid or dry gallon? 77 cubic feet = 576 gallons. one gallon = 77/576 cubic feet. volume = cube root of 77/576. "With each passing year, our solitary status holds us back in terms of commerce, science, and trade." -Paul Trusten
"...failing to switch could result in the US losing its competitive edge in science and technology, as well as continuing to create bilateral trade with other countries." -Luke Hitch non-metric countries: US, Liberia and Burma Cons of Switching to Metric System Metric vs. Imperial Quotes
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