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Chinese Canadians

No description

Kevin Giang

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Canadians

Chinese Canadians
What they experienced when they moved to canada?
Cheap labour
Push and Pull factors
Push Factors:

Pull factors:

Farmland Scarce Gold Rush

No Law and Order Jobs

Foreign Competition Property

Chinese Immigration Act Revoked
On May 14, 1947, after 20 years the Canadian government revoked the Chinese immigration act due to their contribution and loyalty to Canada during World War II.
The government feels sorry
in 2006 Conservative leader Stephen Harper had this to say.
“On behalf of the people and government of Canada, we offer a full apology to Chinese-Canadians for the head tax and express our deepest sorrow for the subsequent exclusion of Chinese immigrants.” people who were affected by the head tax were given $20000 as an apology.
Chinese Canadians are not racially discriminated in Canada anymore but over the years many stereotypes of Chinese people have risen. These includes these saying that Chinese can't drive because of their eyes are small, etc.
Building the Canadian Pacific Railway
In 1879, Andrew Onderdonk got the contracts to build the CPR and he needed at least 10,000 workers for the construction of it.

Chinese Canadians came to Canada to be contracted by the Canadian government to work on the CPR. After the CPR was made many Chinese immigrants couldn't find jobs.
The Chinese Immigration Act
In 1885 the Canadian government wasn't too fond on how many Chinese Immigrants were immigrating to Canada
The Canadian government implemented a head tax of $50 for Chinese immigrants that wanted immigrating to Canada
In 1901 the tax was increased to $100 and was increased to $500 in 1903.
The Chinese immigration Act
Also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act
Replaced prohibitive fees with an outright ban on Chinese immigration to Canada. Even those with money couldn't migrate to Canada.
The Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC), known in the Chinese-Canadian community as Equal Rights Council is an organization whose purpose is to monitor racial discrimination against Chinese in Canada and to help young Chinese Canadians learn about their cultural history.
Chinese Canadians building the CPR
In China many Chinese women are discriminated because of their race.

A disgruntled job seeker in Usa has won her battle for compensation over a company's discriminatory job advertisement. she was discriminated because the job interviewer said we don't like your kind here. she got compensated 50000 $ from the company.
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