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The beeper system

No description

yasmeen woods

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of The beeper system

Baseline Measurement
Baseline measurement
= how often does off- task behavior occur.
Requires the teacher to implement the beeper system in a designated class period without specifying the standard or providing the ability to earn special reinforcements.
What is the beeper system?
A classroom strategy monitoring student on- task behavior (Erken & Henderson, 1989; Repp, Barton, & Brulle, 1983).
The Beeper System
Entails the frequent scanning of students for on- task behavior and the recording of points.
Purchase the MotivAider.
Assign class period(s) in which the beeper system will be used and the time frame.
Design a student point chart, include the number of beeps to occur on the point chart.
Collect baseline data using a beeper system for 5-8 days, use a variable interval of 3 minutes for young children and slightly more for older children.
Calculate the number of points the students will need across the class period to achieve the standard.
Start off the class with introducing the class of the beeper system.
Implement the beeper system during one target class and appoint a chart manager to record each students' points for each beep during the class period.
When the signal occurs, scan the class, call out those students who earned points for each beep during the class period.
After the points are given out, continue teaching.
Repeat the process..
The beeper system
Behavior standard
- the number of points a child must earn to access reinforcement.
- students determine individually if they are on task at each beep and record the designated number of points earned.
Beeper audio tapes
Oven timer
Student point chart
Group monitoring chart
Beeper card
Teacher- Designated Plan
Class Posting of rules
Additional Understanding
Appointing a Chart Manager
A teacher should designate a chart manager for each class period.
Monitoring Performance in Groups
The recording of on- task behavior is performed in groups.
Teaching Students to Self- Monitor
Teachers should consider having students monitor their own on- task behavior and record the points they have earned, with teacher spot- checks for accurate monitoring (McLaughlin, 1983, 1984).
Low Performers
May not achieve the standard necessary for reinforcement.
Reduce the length of the time they are on the beeper system.
Increase the number of beeps to enable more of an opportunity to catch low- performing students on task.
Increasing the Behavior Standard
When a standard has been set lower than the desirable goal for on task behavior, the teacher should consider progressively increasing the standard.
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