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T&NG Pre

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S Alk

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of T&NG Pre

Sara Al Kuwari
Lour Younes
Dawla Al Dosari
Sara El Shourbagy Tennis What is Tennis?
History of Tennis
Modern Tennis
Tennis courts
Tennis in Qatar
Benefits & Statistics Origins Modern Tennis Tennis Rules Tennis Equipments Tennis Courts Tennis in Qatar 11th century 16th century "Tennis" 19th century Racket Balls Clay courts Grass courts Hard courts Carpet courts Indoor courts Small courts Techniques 20th century Statistics Thank you What is Tennis History of Tennis Benefits Contents
Center service line
Center mark
Net Match
Point 1924 Paris 1988 Seoul Jeu de Paume Louis X of France It gives you great aerobic fitness as you will be burning unwanted fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness. You will maintain a high energy level. You will have incredible leg strength as you will be making several starts and stops which will allow you to build stronger leg mussels. It will give you general body coordination. Tennis has many health benefits: Tennis gives bone strength and density and helps prevent osteoporosis in older players. A good hour-long term of playing single tennis burn around 600 calories 420 calories Skills and Techniques of physical tennis Athletic ability
Tennis game depends on many physical activities it needs speed to run for a ball as quickly as possible, agility and flexibility to move easily. So tennis players must have these skills if they want reach the top. Balance
One of most important physical tennis skills and techniques that players must have is balance. Why balance consider as essential skill? Balance is very important to hit well placed and accurate shots, also help to decrease injuries especially in the lower part of the body such as legs and knees. Eye-hand-Coordination
Eye-hand-coordination play vital role in tennis sport because, hand and the other parts of body quickly react to do the right moves in response of what your eyes see. Tennis game considers Eye-hand-coordination as very important techniques. Coordination between body parts is necessary for advanced tennis because the nature of the game is very fast and quick. So, young beginner should start develop this skill by practice through years. Skills and Techniques of mental tennis Motivation
If players don’t have enough passion tennis techniques and skills are of little use. Having motivation to achieve something is the secret of many successful individual in their own field. Concentration
Focus in tennis game play vital role especially in players' performance. Concentration helps players to reduce negative thoughts that can influence in their performance. So; players must focus in court to win and during the practice to enhance skills as much as they can. Problem-solving
There are no coach can ask for time out to change his game plan if the first one is not working such as basketball because of that Tennis players should build up a game plan against an opponent . A game plan of tennis player should contain effective solutions and tactics. History of tennis in Qatar Qatar tennis federation Vision Mission statement Picture for the venue
Name Position
Nasser Ghanim Al Khelaifi President
Youssef Mohammad Al-Obaidly General Secretary
Tariq Darwish Zainal Asst. Secretary General
Khalid Ghanim Al–Khelaifi Head of the National Team Committee
Karim Alami Tournament Director Board of Directors of Qatar tennis federation Traditional & New Games The Court
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