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thureal analysis

No description

kyleef tompkins

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of thureal analysis

Thorough Analysis
by Kyleef, K'hari, Ruben English
Hi my name is Kyleef, Ruben and Khari are going to explain three topics
The first topic is about the bones
The second topics bout stomach content
The last topic is about rigor mortis
You can tell when the bones have been dead for the bones will be decomposed .
There will be cracks and fractured pieces in the arm's and legs
Identify who the race and the victim is.

What are the evidence on founding the bones of a body.

Rigor mortise happens after death
It also helps in crimes for information needed
What Stomach content can indicate
It can sometimes prove the difference between accidental death and foul play due to what was in the stomach acid.

Food can take up to twenty two hours to two days to completely break down food into a pulp and extant essential proteins from it
The human stomach can offer up clues and insight that would normally go unnoticed just by normal investigation.
If you empty the stomach it will tell what they had and what is in it. It also reveals if there were any form of drugs or exotics food which can tell if it was drug related or food poison.
Skeletal of the deceased can show blunt force trauma
Blunt force trauma can be so accurate depending on the weapon you use
Bones can be found in forest and in graves and hidden places
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