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Slam Poetry

No description

Emily McCarthy

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry
Rules of the
Must be original work
3 minutes maximum
Props, costumes, and music are forbidden
Beginning of Poetry Slams
Poetry Slams
Competitive events in which poets perform their slam poems and are judged

Open Slam vs Invitational Slam
Saul Williams
Began his career in the mid-1990s
Led 4 person NYC team to the National Poetry Slam in 1996
Combines rythms and themes of Beat and Black Arts poets
Beau Sia
2 time National Slam Poetry competition champion
Focuses on theme of cultural identity
Uses simple words, raw emotion/satire, and humor in his work
First Writing Since
I do not know how bad a life has to break in order to kill.
I have never been so hungry that I willed hunger
I have never been so angry as to want to control a gun over a pen.
not really.
even as a woman, as a Palestinian, as a broken human being.
never this broken.
Main Characteristics
of slam poems
Poems performed through spoken word
Features a broad range of styles, voices, and cultural traditions
Challenges traditional definition of poetry
Slam Poems
Beats Movement
The Last Poets
Hip Hop
of Slam Poetry
5 time winner of Showtime At the Apollo
Moore Black Press
Rap infusion
Jessia Care Moore
One of the most decorated poets of the slam movement
Used slam to express his thoughts on teachers and their importance
Former president of Poetry Slam Inc.
Featured in SlamNation
Taylor Mali
Ohm Lyrics
Effects of Slam Movement
Popular form of self expression among teenagers
introduced the idea of poetry being a competitive sport
Continues to bring poems away from acadameia
Still very popular today
Emily McCarthy
Lucia Surraco
Sara Schmetterling

Born in 1973 in Jordan
incorporates being a Palestinian-American into majority of her slams
Suheir Hammad
Def Poetry Jam
Slam Movement and Television
1894- Marc Smith
started a poetry
reading at a Chicago
jazz club

1990- First national
poetry slam took place in
San Francisco

if you’re making Jackie Chan

knock-off films

and need a stunt double,
that stunt double is me.

if you need a Chinese jay-z,

a Japanese eminem,

or a Vietnames n’sync,

please consider me,

because I am all those things and more.
Give Me a Chance
Totally Like Whatever Ya Know?
I'm a Hip Hop Cheerleader
-inconsistent but still has a hint of rhythm
-almost performing
as a rap
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