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SME innovation support

No description

sven schade

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of SME innovation support

Lack of 'Smart growth' Horizon2020
SME instrument Project funding
for innovation projects
largest market potential
link to financial instruments
Coaching services to address
the SMEs major challenges Impact on industries and regions Challenges SME support in the next programming period Barriers to competitive industries Lack of 'Smart specialisation' lack of financial means poor IP management poor skills in innovation management low skills in networking innovation support does match need
and SMEs' expectations procurement not innovation friendly Barriers to realising
SMEs' potential Can single SMEs change industries? COSME
SME - development Accessing new markets
Support to entrepreneurship Financial instruments Eurostars Enterprise Europe Network NCP-SME Contact point for financial instruments Regional strategy for coaching services Policy learning for SME support Systemic support for SMEs reward excellent clusters and best services to their members Cluster internationalisation Cluster organisations as animators
of projects for new
industrial value chains Target
Emerging Industries Large-scale demonstrator concept Cluster as regional commitment
to industrial change Creative industries Mobile services Experience economy Maritime industries Eco-industries in Horizon2020 in COSME Better SME / innovation support Direct support
to SMEs Sven Schade
Cluster and Support for SMEs
DG Enterprise and Industry and not just supporting more SME projects Difficult scale-up of innovative activities realise cross sectoral cooperation app programming consultancy recycling
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