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Indian Flag

No description

Pankaj Solanki

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Indian Flag

A Festival is a celebration of life which brings peace and joy to the masses.
Promotions & Marketing
Celebrate India

Social media like FB, Twitter
TV commercials & Youtube
Print ads
India Tourism
Reason of tourism decline
Constant harassment which makes walking almost impossible.
Safety and security issues, especially in terms of female tourists
Poor law and enforcement
Tourists are often ripped off their money, in terms of any kind of private purchases
Terrorist attacks
India- Charismatic past, Vibrant present, Promising Future
No. of Foreign tourist arrivals in India - 6.58 Million during 2012-2013*
India Tourism Generated $121 billion in 2011 & current figure shows $105 billion 2012-2013*
India ranks 38th in terms of Foreign tourist Arrivals
Festival represents India in terms of its culture, Diversity and unique Traditions
Target Audience : Foreigners - Families
India Tourism
Reason for Decline in Tourism
Our Aspect
Promotions & Marketing
Campaign Name & Tag Line
Source: Ministry of tourism India website
*Till June 2013
Attempt to eradicate reasons of Tourism decline in India
Festival is a celebration of Life which Brings Peace and Joy to the Masses
Group 10
Pratik Parab
Vidushi Gaur
Khushali Jalobia
Kaustubh Mayekar
Gaurav Acharya
Pankaj Solanki
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