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Bella Coola Tribe

No description

Madeline Z

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Bella Coola Tribe

The Bella Coola Tribe By: Maddie and Adelie The Bella Coola tribe, also known as the Belhoola or Bilqula tribe is a tribe that consisted of about 600 people, and was on the pacific coast of B.C., near the Bella Coola river. This tribe did a lot of hunting, fishing and sometimes trading. The Bella Coola tribe spoke the Bella Coola language which is in the salishan language family. Please read on for more awesome info on the Bella Coola Tribe. Food
The Bella Coola tribe feasted mainly on fish such as salmon, the silver eulachon, herring and cod. The salmon was the most popular fish, since it flowed throughout the rivers and streams several times a year. They would eat their fish raw, but cover them in fish oil. They also ate meat such as deer, elk and mountain goats. Edible plants were gathered for eating. Usually the female would prepare the meal for the male, since the men would be hunting and gathering. Clothing
Since it was typical for there to be rain on the coast, the clothing of the Bella Coola people had to be warm and waterproof. The sorts of clothing the men wore were leggings and moccasins made from deer and moose skin, while the women wore skirts and sarongs made from deer skin. The children would wear the same clothing as the adults would. Cedar bark provided fibers for their clothing. Weather
The weather where the Bella Coola tribe was had very temperate climate. In the summer, the temperature was usually between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, and in the winter it was between 10 and -10 degrees Celsius. It is typical for there to be rain, and the rainfall is normally around 152cm. Transportation
The people of the Bella Coola tribe would normally walk to transport from one place to another, but they would sometimes use canoes if they were going by river. Houses
Traditionally, the Bella Coola lived in permanent villages of large plank-built houses, each occupied by a number of families. All of the houses were made of wood. I don't know about you guys, but I think I would rather live in my own house then one of the Bella Coola tribe houses. Ceremonies and Gatherings
If someone was hosting a party, then they would try to outdo the host of the party before them by giving bigger and better gifts. The giveaway was a large part of any gathering. Each member attending a party would receive gifts such as copper, shells, and other valuables. At some celebrations, the people of the Bella Coola tribe would hide their faces behind artistically adorned masks. These masks were very dramatic, some were terrifying. The masks had large fleshy surfaces with thick eyebrows, ponderous jowls, big eyes, and thick full lips. The mouths on the masks were ajar as if in surprise. After each gathering, the people would burn the masks, take their gifts and go home. Interesting Facts
In the 1800's the smallpox virus killed 1 in 3 of the Bella Coola tribe people.
Many homes and doorways had pole carvings of totems that illustrated the dwellers clan and history
Gold was discovered in the area around the settlement in 1851 witch meant constant contact with traders
In the late nineteenth century the tribe was highly impacted by smallpox, liquor and starvation
The tribe divided into five geographical groups with the political units being autonomous village communities headed up by chiefs Thank you for listening to our project! We hope you learned a lot, and that all our hard work paid off. We appreciate you being such a great audience! THE END!!!!! This is a picture of some people from the Bella Coola tribe. This is a photo of some salmon, which the people of the Bella Coola tribe mostly ate. This is a moccasin. The tribe would wear these slipper like shoes everywhere. This is an aboriginal Deer skin skirt that the females from the Bella Coola tribe would wear. This is what the landscape looked like for the Bella Coola tribe people. If you look at the image to your left, you will notice a wooden building. This is what the tribes' houses would've looked like. This is what one of the masks would've looked like at a Bella Coola tribe gathering. This is gold - what was discovered around the settlement if the Bella Coola tribe.
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