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As Film Studies Week 2 Cinematography

No description

Dominic Hand

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of As Film Studies Week 2 Cinematography

Camera work
Camera Angles
Camera Movement
Black & White
The first thing that
comes to mind
when thinking of cinematography is?
Establishing shots;
These are usually a wide or
extreme wide angle. They unveil
the world or location to the audience.
However if you are re-visiting the same
location from a previous scene, we don't
usually open again with the wide shot.
Sometimes we jump straight
into a scene, like;
Other shots include;
Close up
Mid shot
Long shot
Watch this clip from a Wes Anderson film and note what shots you see?
Shutter speeds can affect the
way we see a scene, in the previous clip
we slowed down, whilst in other films
footage is sped up.
Another way filmmaker's
capture images is through
Camera's can;
As we are aware cinematographers
not only run the camera department
but they are in charge of lighting sets.
Cinematographers are responsible
for the look of a film, this is usually
decided between the director and
director of photography.
The colour a DoP uses whilst
lighting a set can add another
texture to the environment.
Look at these two clips from
Michael Mann's 'Heat'. The
scenes are in the same location, however the room is a different colour. Why is this?
Some films are in Black & White. This can add texture too.
Watch this clip from
John Huston's 'The Misfits'.
How does this compare
to the cafe scene from
They both use different lighting styles; this is due to the film's genres
'Heat' being a neo-noir whilst 'The Misfits' is a drama. How does the lighting affect the mood of the scenes.
Using the notes on your tables, complete an FM1 form for this clip. You must include sources as well as an outline for an entire essay.
In pairs I want you to watch the opening
sequence from 'Submarine'.
Discuss how cinematography had been used effectively to create meaning and emotions within the scene.
Why do you feel the team behind
'The Wizard of Oz' made their film
with both Black & White as well as
Colour? What effect does this have?
Final Task:
Find two clips;

Here is a collection of colours
and emotions related to them.
Can you think of other films which use these colours?
Independent Study Task:
Reflect on your Mise-en-Scene
analysis & explore colour in
more detail. Then analyse
This will take you to 1000 words,
almost 2/3 of your first draft.
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