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Cheerleader Tryout Meeting 2017

No description

leandra davidson

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Cheerleader Tryout Meeting 2017

Cheerleading Sponsors
Meeting Agenda
Leandra Davidson - Varsity
Cyndi Garza/Joni Kremer - Junior Varsity
Courtney McGlynn - Freshman
Freshman Candidates
Tryout Clinic: February 27-March 2, 4:15-5:45
Formal Tryout: March 3, start at 4:15 pm
Squad Posting: March 3rd, After 7:30 pm

JV/Varsity Candidates
Tryout Clinic: March 6-8, 4:15-5:45
Formal Tryout: March 9, start at 4:30
Squad Posting: March 10th, After 4pm
*candidate material for JV/Var to be posted on March 4th, after 12pm

Important Tryout Dates
Pre-Tryout Requirements
All Paperwork turned in at informational Meeting
Signed Handbook Acknowledgment Form
Original 1st Semester Report Card
Current (most recent) progress report- issued January 25th
*any delinquent forms will receive point deductions

Attendance at all Tryout Clinic Practices

Cheer Tryout Attire
Deer Park High School Cheerleader Tryout
Parent Meeting
February 9, 2017

Cheer Sponsors
Tryout Dates
Pre-Tryout Requirements
What is DPHS Cheer?
Cheerleader Estimated Costs
Cheerleader Requirements and Expectations
Booster Club Costs and Expectations
Parent Expectations
Camp and Important Dates
spandex shorts
Fitted, All black, sleeveless top
white shoes
white no show socks
white bow, high ponytail, no hair in face (no wispies)
no jewelry
no bra straps showing
Scores from Feb 9th- March 3rd/March 9th
Scores by Point Value
Application pages on time (1 point for each page) 4pts
Discipline record (start at 100, deduct points, then mult by .08) 8pts
Practice/Tryout Attendance (1 point for each day) 4/5pts
Report Card Points (1st semester avg X .08) 8pts
Tumbling 8pts/judge
Jumps (3 advanced jumps) 7pts/judge
Individual Cheer 20pts/judge
Chant 12pts/judge
Dance 16pts /judge
Overall Impression 10pts/judge
Total= 244/243 Points

*Only cheerleading sponsors can interpret basis for scoring

Judges Score Sheet
Varsity- the most accomplished students from the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade candidates

Junior Varsity - the most accomplished students from the remaining 9th and 10th grade candidates

Freshman - the most accomplished students from the 8th grade candidates

Mascot - Most accomplished student from 10th and 11th grade mascot candidates

*****all candidate placement is at sole discretion of the cheer sponsors
Cheerleader Requirements and Expectations
Practices following tryouts
Summer Cheer Camp
Summer Practices before School Starts
Possible District Convocation
Football (Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays)
Volleyball (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Girls and Boys Basketball (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Girls and Boys Soccer (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Softball (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Pep Rallies (morning and day)
Youth Cheer Clinic - Fall during Football season
Hello Texas
Cheerleading Fundraisers
Other Activities as requested by the school and community
Cheerleader Estimated Costs
Estimated costs of camp, practice wear, and other cheer items:
(Exact Amount to be known in April or May)

New Members: Approximately $1700
Returning Members: Approximately $1100
$30 annual dues
club meets 1st Monday of the month
New squad first meeting will be March 22
Fundraisers include tshirt sales(at football games) and golf tournament
Events include cheer introductions, homecoming parade, parties for the girls (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines), Banquet
Assist Cheer sponsors with mini cheer clinic during football season
Funds go towards scholarships, banquet, assisting with activities for camp, items for cheer program.
Main goal - serves as a group of support for cheerleaders, their families, the program, and coaches.
CHEERS Booster Club Expectations
Parent Expectations
Work together towards a common goal
Become CHEERS members
Support cheer sponsors, handbook, and athletic code of conduct
Follow the proper chain of command with regards to problems or concerns
Communication - absences, being late, emergencies, etc
Important Dates and Camp
March 28th - Mandatory New squad Meeting, 4:15-6:30 (Cheerleaders only)

March 31st- Mandatory Fitting from 3:15 to 5:30

April 3rd-May 22nd- Practices begin every Monday
4:15-5:45 in cheer gym
May 26th - Graduation for New members

June 13-15th - Practice 9am -12pm

June 18th - Leave for camp a day early, team bonding

June 19th- Cheer camp in Woodlands, TX

July 24-26 - All day for Varsity members

Miscellaneous Information
All new teams will be posted on our website at www.dphscheer.com

Freshman teams will be posted on March 3rd after 7:30pm

JV/Varsity teams will be posted on March 10th after 4pm.
What is DPHS Cheer and why is it different from other programs?
We are here to support DPHS and its althletic teams by promoting school spirit, and to provide inspiration and enthusiasm. We will promote ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, accountability, team cooperation, and community service activities.
We are not a competition team/all star team
We have no "off" season
Full time commitment and contracts do overlap
Categories and Subcategories
Please email questions to LDavidson@dpisd.org
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