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SM Entertainment International Marketing plan

No description

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of SM Entertainment International Marketing plan

Objectives to Explore
Why do certain groups gain popularity and such a strong fan base?
What are the differences between the ways American and Korean musicians market themselves?
Can talent really be taught (Korean) or can the true source of talent only be discovered by individuals or by talent scouts? (American)
Can help teach us other aspects of foreign marketing and what exactly appeals to foreigners.
Can this unorthodox style of “raising” artists be something that Americans or Westerners in general can adopt for their own country? Will it be something they will be against?

Marketing strategy
"Flashiness" Impression/Longevity
Cultural Gap
YG & JYP Entertainment as a threat
Key Activities
1. Understanding our audience
2. Gaining Entry Level Exposure
Social Media: YouTube
Convention/ Festival Performances
3. Final step of Entry-Level in America
Collaborate with an American Label/Artists
4. Joint Venture
Nurturing Regiment
Pre-Entry into America
SM Entertainment Review
SM Entertainment International Marketing plan
Founded in 1995
HQ: Seoul, South Korea
Independent publisher of pop music
Biggest entertainment company in Korea
Represents: Kangta, BoA, TRAX, J-Min, Girls’ Generation, HOT, and SES
Market Performance
Girls Generation: Gee
Market share: 6%
SM Revenues 2009-2012
SM Albums sold to date
Comparison of Net income
Entry Level Exposure
Final Entry level
Joint venture corporation as S.M Entertainment US Co., Ltd with USA TODAY (prints) estimated $ 200,000

Interscope Records 15% of revenue and provide a service with our traditional nurturing regime
By Jordan Daniel, Kevin Mercado, Linh Boi Ly
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