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Finding Main Idea and Details

No description

Gabriela Vazquez

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Finding Main Idea and Details

Finding Main Idea and Details
Step 3
Read the text again to find details that support the main idea.
Ask yourself, "What does the author tell me that explains or proves the main idea?"
What is a Main Idea??
How to Find Supporting Details
Turn the main idea into a question by asking:
The answer will help you find details.
Step 1: Identify the topic
After yourself this: "What is the text mostly about?"
The big idea that tells you what the text is mostly about; the point of the story.
Details: text that supports the main idea.
Think about a table.
So How Do I Find the Main Idea??
Step 2: Find the main idea that relates to the topic
The main idea tells the most important idea about the topic.
You can often find it in the beginning of a text.
Make sure the details tell more about the main idea you selected.
Topics, main ideas, and supporting details work together. The main idea tells the author’s point about the topic, and the details offer support for the main idea.
What is skimming?
What is good about skimming?
Your Turn
A Force on the Slopes
Answer Questions
"Onion Ball" Activity
Exit Slip
Exit Slip
Directions: Answer the questions below.
1. In your own words, describe what a main idea is.

2. What do you have to look for when looking for the main idea?

3. On a scale of 1-5, rate how you understood today’s lesson (circle one):

1 2 3 4 5

4. Skimming is (circle one):

a. Reading the entire text.

b. Reading words, titles and headings that stand out to give you an idea about what the story will be about.

c. A strategy created to make your life miserable.

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