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The Professional History of Janette Anne Santos

I am a well-trained Arts Administrator, whose goal is to work for a respected Arts institution where I can continue to make an important contribution to the Arts. For more information about me, visit my website at: janetteannesantos.weebly.com

Janette Anne Santos

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Professional History of Janette Anne Santos

The Professional History of
Janette Anne Santos

BCRC Executive Intern
As far as my career goes I would love to continue doing exactly what I love to do; which is to work with art and make wonderful things happen.
Studio Assistant
In 2011, I began working for the ceramics business called Surfside Studios.
During the Spring of 2012, I interned for yet another Non-Profit called Teen Voices Magazine.
Editorial Art Assistant
MCLA Presents
This particular program was a presenting series run through the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. It exposed the local community to world-class performers, such as Craig Harris, Nick & Jake, Orquesta, the Sweetback Sisters, and Word Becomes Flesh.
DownStreet Art
A project by the City of North Adams and MCLA, it was designed to help revitalize downtown North Adams with art, while helping to drive the local economy.

It's best described as a street art festival, and would include gallery openings, community activities, and outdoor performances.
Once again my knowledge of the inner workings of Non-Profits expanded, this time to include a completely different type of organization. I explored print and digital media while going forth on projects that were centered on a different demographic than I had become used to.
Tricks of the Trade
This particular program was a presenting series run through the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. It exposed the local community to world-class performers, such as Craig Harris, Orquesta, the Sweetback Sisters, and Word Becomes Flesh.
(857) 312 8210 janetteanne.sant001@gmail.com Quincy, MA

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Janette Anne Santos.
I was raised in Quincy, MA for most of my life.
And I have cherished the Arts in all its forms since I was very young.
So let me show you several reasons why I should work with you.
I am a well-t­rained Arts Administrator, 
whose goal is to work for a respected
Arts institution where I can
continue to make an important 
contribution to the Arts.
* Nearly 3 years of Administrative & Non-Profit work experience.

* Extensive experience developing Marketing materials.

* Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Wordpress,
Mainstreet Mail, Constant Contact, Prezi, and ETO Database.

* Well-honed time management skills.

* Proficiency in Tagalog.
Some special skills of mine include:
Thank you so much for your time!
I attended the University of Massachusetts Boston, where I excelled academically...
Graduation Date:
BA Degree:
Studio Art & Anthropology
Dean's List:
2007 - 2012
In 2010, I began my professional career off with a volunteering stint with the Non-Profit organization formerly known as Traveler's Aid Family Services (now known as FamilyAid Boston).
Office Assistant
I chose to work for Traveler's Aid because I truly believed in their mission to help those who were less fortunate, and I wanted to help further facilitate their impact in any way I could.

At this point in time I had already been regularly volunteering for the Walk for Hunger, and the Long Island Shelter.

"The mission of [Travelers Aid Family Services] is to prevent and end homelessness, one family at a time. We embrace a comprehensive approach that focuses on the individual strengths of each family and provide services to meet their unique needs."
About the Organization
Some of the tasks that I had undertaken while there included:
* Updated and maintained the ETO database system.

* Greeted incoming clientele, answered phones and
scheduled appointments.

* Facilitated inter-office communications.

* Provided support to the Director of Operations, and
special events.

* Assisted office staff on any individual client needs.
Surfside Studios
About the Business
"Surfside Studio is a family owned and operated pottery studio in Squantum, Massachusetts. We currently focus on producing porcelain vessels with crystalline glazes, however we have over 90 years of combined experience working with clay."
It was here that I not only honed my artistic skills, but also received first-hand knowledge of running a small-business. In attending art fairs, attending to budget spreadsheets, and seeing exactly how this particular business was run definitely contributed to informing my professional career.
As the Studio Assistant, I also:
* Collaborated with studio colleagues on
various projects.

* Created pottery & glazes.

* Provided support at art shows and
About the Organization
"Teen Voices is an intensive journalism mentoring and leadership development program for teen girls in Boston. Our mission is to support and educate teen girls, amplify their voices, and create social change through media.

Through this program, and with submissions from girls around the world, the teens create an internationally distributed online and print magazine by, for, and about teen girls."
This is one of the issues that I had worked on.
One of the many things that attracted me to this particular organization however, is the fact that Teen Voices would give the girls that they worked with, so much strength within themselves and ignited their verve for life and its possibilities.

It was my time here that furthered my belief in the powerful role community engagement plays in changing lives, as well as how important the arts can be to a young person.
As the Editorial Art Assistant, I:
* Coordinated project research with team members.

* Represented the Magazine at events such as the Simmons
Leadership Conference.

* Collaborated with publishers, record companies, TV and film
networks for publication projects.

* Outreach to youth organizations to solicit art work for the
magazine and its monthly art contest.

* Implemented rules and regulations for the “Artist of the Month”
contest as a Contest judge.

* Managed various editorial administrative support tasks.
Not only did I implement the rules and regulations for the monthly "Artist of the Month" contest as a judge, but I also:
In fact, here is one of the posters that were used to advertise the contest each month.
* Coordinated marketing efforts.

* Reached out to potentially interested groups
through Deviantart & social-networking sites.

* Helped design the posters.
Member of Event-Planning & Fundraising
During the Fall of 2012, I embarked on a 9-month involvement with the wonderful Non-Profit organization, OneWorld Classrooms.
About the Organization
OneWorld Classrooms’ mission is to foster global awareness and cross-cultural understanding in the context of the K-12 curriculum to prepare young people for local and global citizenship in culturally diverse settings. We tap the connective power of the arts and technology to offer programs and services through which young people share, collaborate and explore with their peers from different cultures; and gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to improve their academic achievement and become thoughtful, compassionate and globally competent individuals.
As a sub-committee member I did several things, including:
* Planned the annual fundraiser to fruition with other committee members.

* Garnered artwork donations from various
artists across the country.

* Communicated with various restaurants
across the Greater Boston area to solicit
food donations.

* Provided support to the Boston 140 Project.
In the process of making the fundraiser a reality, my main responsibilities were garnering artwork donations from avenues such as Deviantart and my own personal networks.

I was able to coordinate with artwork from artists hailing from all over the world, from as far as Mexico to as close as Boston.
One of the reasons I had connected with OneWorld Classrooms' mission was how they, just like Teen Voices, had ventured to connect with young people using the power of the arts, engaging them with the world around them and closing gaps.

Which is definitely one of my motivations for endeavoring to continue working with the arts.
Gallery Assistant Intern
At the beginning of 2013, I received an internship as the Gallery Assistant for 13Forest Gallery in Arlington, MA.
About the Gallery
"We search New England for outstanding artists – established and emerging - to offer original art and contemporary craft in a welcoming setting. Our constantly evolving selection includes pieces in many genres and media, unified by our desire to share work that is fresh, interesting and inspiring."
In fact from 2012 till 2013, 13Forest Gallery was WGBH's Winner for "Best Art Gallery".
As the Gallery Assistant, I would handle several duties in the role of Gallery Assistant.
* Exhibition assistance, including research, installation,
and de-installation.

* General administrative duties such as mailings and

* Aid incoming clientele and answer questions about the

* Merchandising and inventory management.
During my time there, I also got the chance to work with some wonderful local artists.

An experience that not only acquainted me with the local art scene, but also further solidified my appreciations and motivation to continue working with the arts.
Here are two of the gallery shows that I had worked on while I was at 13Forest.
In addition to helping establish the fundraiser, I was also given the chance to support the launching of the Boston 140 Project, which is a touring exhibition of children's artwork from all over the world. It celebrates the diversity of the 140 nations represented by Boston-area students.
Associate Gallery Manager
Due to my winning acceptance into the highly-intensive, Berkshire Hills Internship Program (B-HIP), I was given the role of Assistant Gallery Manager at MCLA Gallery 51.
About the Gallery
MCLA Gallery 51, run by the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts since 2005, presents work from a wide range of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. The gallery hosts ten exhibitions each year and countless events and happenings. Staffed by mostly student workers, MCLA Gallery 51 provides students with hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of a gallery. MCLA Gallery 51 is a project of MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.
As the Associate Gallery Manager for the gallery, my list of responsibilities was quite substantial:
* Collaborated with the Gallery Manager in the planning,
installation, and curation of exhibits.

* Provided administrative support to the BCRC office.

* Implemented and organized with colleagues, all
DownStreet Art festivities.

* Completed extensive marketing for Gallery 51.

* Created and distributed weekly eblasts through
Mainstreet Mail.
From the month of June to the end of October, Gallery 51 helmed all DownStreet Art activities. I was part of the small team that was able to bring world-class artists and performers to this little city in the Berkshires.
One of my main responsibilities however, dealt with everything to do with DownStreet Art.

DownStreet Art was an art festival project affiliated with the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center aimed at revitalizing downtown North Adams with art and driving tourist dollars towards the local economy.
Artists such as Kahn & Selesnick.
Ibrahim Quraishi.
And Nicholas Vaughan & Jake Margolin.
In addition to helping coordinate each month's gallery openings, and DownStreet Art festivities, I also designed posters and postcards.
Here are a few examples.
In addition to acting as the Associate Gallery Manager, I also juggled a Graduate-Level course on Arts Administration.
By the end of my term, my supervisors were so pleased with the work I had done for them and DownStreet Art, they offered me an additional internship position with the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center, as the Executive Intern.
In my newly established role as the Executive Intern for BCRC, I set to work on being a coordinator for each of their programs.
While balancing three different programs at once as the main coordinator, I would also:
* Developed extensive marketing materials for various BCRC­-affiliated programs.

* Regularly updated BCRC’s social media accounts, as well as the organization’s

* Coordinated several programs including Tricks of the Trade, MCLA Presents, DownStreet Art.

* Established a strong rapport with the local community with the aid of the
Massachusetts Cultural Council, MASS MoCA, and the North Adams Chamber,
among others.

* Managed the culmination of the Chronicles of Rose serial.

* Trained and supervised students in gallery and programming protocols.
Once again I created a plethora of marketing materials, such as press releases, social media invitations, and posters.
And it was my time here that further cemented my inclinations to continue my career in arts administrations.
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