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Click to add Title

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doha alzahmi

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Click to add Title

The impact of violent video games on physical and mental health.
Violent video games and behavior.
- vision problems
eating disorder (
- backache and headache

- high blood-pressure
- Fear
Violent video games negatively affect children’s behavior.
Social damage can come from playing violent video games.
How to avoid gaining negative characteristics resulting from violent video games.
- Parents
- multiple types of video games
The graph shown on the right shows the Hostility beyond or before the game going through games with no blood to Maximum bloodiness going through after the game.
Though I think it should be banned, I don't mean that they shouldn't play it at all. All I'm saying is that they should only play it for a little bit, But children younger than 10 shouldn't play Violent video games.
7H47 H4CK3R
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