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Bree Broccoli's Digestive Story

No description

Kate Hannah

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Bree Broccoli's Digestive Story

The digestive system
Hi, this is Kate Hannah. From Science class with Mrs. DeVarona. This is the digestive system, from the gross stuff to the factual things you need to know. It consists of things food does not pass through: the tongue, teeth, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas; and the things food does pass through: the mouth, esophagus, stomach, that small and large instestines, and the rectum and anus.
The Mouth: Teeth, Tongue, and Salivary Glands
Hey! This place is dark. And slimy. I'm beginning to turn into a bolus, a ball of mush. The saliva is turning me into the mush using chemical digestion and the teeth and tongue are chewing and churning me, using mechanical digestion. I'm starting to slide to the esophagus, oh no!
The Esophagus
Out of the mouth and into the esophagus! Peristalis happens, starting with me in the esophagus. It is a series of wave-like muscle contractions. Me and my bolus travel to the stomach next! Here I go!
The Stomach
Gross! I dropped into a giant sac filled with gastric acids, which are breaking me down. I am being turned into a mushy substance called chyme, and starting the chemical digestion. The mechanical digestion helped the chemical by chewing, mixing, and churning me!
The Duodenum of the Small Intestine Being Squirted by Pancreatic Juices
The Plate
I have been transported from my family flower to a white thing I now sit on. Oh, look, a human kid. Those are rare where I grow from. We mainly just have flowers, which grow into me! Broccoli! His fork stabs me, ouch. Oh no! My worst nightmare! Eaten! Goodbye, Mama Broccoli, Papa Broccoli, Brokolial, and Brokolice!
the digestive system
Hey! This must be the duodenum of the small intestine. I'm being squirted by pancreatic juices, which is really gross. This juice is yellowish-brown. The pancreas' digestive enzymes enter the digestive system here.
The Duodenum of the Small Intestine Being Squirted by Bile
Phew! I'm done being showered by yellow-brown pancreatic juices. But now, I'm being squirted by bile. It's dark-brownish, and being transported through bile ducts by the gallbladder. The gallbladder is neutralizing my broccoli acids. The liver is nearby, and it filters and processes blood.
The Small Intestine
Whoa, look! I'm in the small intestine. Mr.Cow Fertilizer, who traveled through the digestive system, told me about the jejunum. It lies near human belly buttons. It's made up of villi. The villi allow much more absorption of my broccoli nutrients. I'm flattered that I'm so nutritious. This part is thinner. It's called the ileum. It's absorbing the last of my nutrients. Oh no! My cousin cauliflower is here too. He told me we were being broken down. Yuck!
The Large Intestine
Whoa! I'm in an even larger, but shorter tube. I'm here with cousin Cauliflower, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and some other foods. I meet a potato. The potato has been here for about 24 hours, and he says you can stay here for 33 hours.
The Rectum and Anus
We are now sliding into a chamber called the rectum. We might stay here for a little. "This means that it's signaling Billy, the person who ate us." says the potato. Just then, my cousin Cauliflower falls out. We all scream. He's traveled through the rectum to the anus where he goes to.. Somewhere. Just then, I realize I'm sliding out of the rectum!
The Toilet
I find myself floating to the surface. I'M BROWN! THIS IS
!! I want to be
! Hey, is that potato? Suddenly, whoever else has joined me in this white bowl is being sucked into a whirlpool. I try desperately to swim, but my "branches" atop my head are gone! Maybe I will be fertilizer like Mr. Cow Fertilizer! AHH!! glug glug gulp.
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