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Matt Hoek

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of SHS CI3T

Positive Support Intervention PSI What is PSI? To provide proactive strategies for teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT
We will follow a team-based approach to teaching expectations and preventing problem behaviors A set of universal expectations for behavior are established for ALL students in ALL locations of our school. SHS Core Expectations ACE! Demonstrate Accountability Exhibit Civility Embrace Empowerment Tier 1 supports all
300 Slips for positive reinforcement
Reward parties
Modeling School Expectations Tier 2 supports some
Peer Tutoring
Credit Recovering
GEIT Process Tier 3 supports for a few
GEIT/IEP Process
READ 180
Social Worker SHS Expectation Matrix

We built this matrix off our staff survey results and made edits base on staff feedback.
At the end of each school year, we will review matrix and make adjustments for the following school year.
Instructional Approach Academic Behavior Social Why? Academic performance influences student behavior
Teachers’ behavior will reflect students’ behavior
How? Academic expectations should be stated clearly, enforced consistently
Fosters an environment which sets the stage for productive academic time
Think about things we already do
Engaging activities and incorporation of BYOT
Analyzing data (EOC, CCE, Benchmarks)
1) Prevention- Adhering to rules, routines, agreementsTeach Behavior- teach and model expectations, reward with 300 slips, and fill out behavior form2) Proactive- clearly stated expectations, provide positive feedback and reinforcement3) Reactive- provide consequences for inappropriate behaviors
Students will:Meet school-wide expectations stated in the expectation matrixDevelop a sense of digital citizenshipWork with peers to solve conflicts
Faculty & Staff will:Teach and model social skills in the school-wide plan Provide praise and reinforcement to students that demonstrate social skills (300 slips)
How does PSI work? Teacher Responsibilities 1) Give out 300 slips- When faculty and staff observe students demonstrating positive behavior or upholding SHS core expectations, he or she will hand a ticket to that student and STATE WHY THE STUDENT IS RECIEVING THE TICKET. slips are to be given to students that are “caught in the act” of demonstrating expected behaviors. 2) See Momma T for additional 300 Slips
3) ACE Lesson plans- during first day of school review expectations
Rewards for Teachers (SURVEY)
Pizza during lunch or social time during PD
Extra planning/cover morning duty
Jeans pass Give out one ticket at a time
Fill ticket out completely
Give them out randomly, try for at least 30 slips a week
Give them out to a variety of students
All teachers and staff can give slips to all students Student Responsibilities 1) Students are responsible for keeping track of their own slips.
2) Students can choose to use their slips to enter to win prizes. What will students use their 300 slips for?

We will survey students on what rewards they would like:
Fast food for lunch
Free passes to games
Fast pass to the lunch line
Couch at games
Free yearbook
Donations from clubs/athletics/community
Free prom tickets What will students use their 300 slips for?

PSI Assemblies:
All students will attend a PSI assembly
These one hour assemblies in which students can redeem their slips for various activities.
Teachers will also be rewarded in these raffles. How will we monitor PSI’s effectiveness?
First of many, Data collections:
Primary Intervention Rating Scale (PIRS)form online via a link emailed to you by a Vanderbilt staff member.
Will ask about PSI system and your understanding of it.
Please be honest!
Any questions about PSI?
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