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Cutco, The Worlds Finest Cutlery

No description

Warren Macdougall

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Cutco, The Worlds Finest Cutlery

Are you ready to get started?
Kitchen Sets
Galley Sets
Space Saver
Also Try These Sets
Ultimate Set
Signature Set
Homemaker +8 Set
Basic Homemaker Set
All Knife Set
Pinch on a item to zoom in
Thank you so much for your time!
You may also check out cutco on
Modern Marvels
Made in America
Presentation created by William Hougen
Fort Collins district manager.
How can we improve? suggestions welcome at whougen@gmail.com
Over 60 years of quality and tradition
Cutco is handcrafted in Olean NY
First Cutco knife was made in 1949
Cutco has been purchased by over 19 million customers
Cutco Super Shears
Disadvantages of common knives
What Makes Cutco
So Great?
Names and Uses
I spent too much money trying so many other brands that would fall apart or wouldn't cut after a year of use, I have had my Cutco knives for about 4 years now and they are perfect! Love them!!!
-Mindy, Punta Gorda, FL
Totally worth it!!
Testimonial from Cutco.com
Paring Knife
Spatula Spreader
Petite Carver
Turning Fork
Butcher Knife
French Chef
Carving Fork
Table Knife
Super Shears
Scholarship Race
My Picture here...
Race For Charity
Cutco Vegetable Peeler
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