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All About Me

No description

Barbara Parker

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of All About Me

Many people do gymnastics
when they are younger, but few move
on to the next level. I am one of those few.
I love the sport and train twenty-three hours per week. During those twenty-three hours, I train four events, which are vault, bars, beam, and floor. I enjoy it because gymnastics is a combination of balance, agility, power, and speed. I also love the thrill of learning new skills and perfecting them. In short, I am a competitive gymnast who loves the challenge and complexity
of the sport. One of my most prominent character traits
is that I am a very dependable person. I know
this because I can’t remember a time when I handed in an assignment late. I am dependable because I can still keep up school while doing extracurricular activities including gymnastics. Furthermore, last year I joined three extracurricular activities and had almost perfect attendance in each of them. Also, my friends trust me not to tell others their secrets; in this way, they depend on me. In conclusion, many people, including my friends and I would say I am dependable. Ever since I was young, I have loved
physical activity. For instance, I train
twenty-three hours a week at the local gymnastics
club. At training we do all aspects of being physically
active: strength, cardio, and flexibility. Additionally, outside of school last year I played in two East York Strategy sports leagues, and house league volleyball. Furthermore, many of my friends often tell me I am very active and energetic, mainly because of the amount of time I spent doing gymnastics. In addition to gymnastics and other sports, when on vacation my family and I will choose activities where we are active. For example, I have climbed Gross Mourne Mountain, as well as gone white-water rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. Lastly, at our cottage, I swim, canoe, and always participate in the annual regatta. Even when I was young, I would climb up doorways and sprint circles
around the house, and my love for physical
activity has continued. All
Me! Barbara Parker Hobby:
Gymnastics Characteristic:
Dependable Characteristic:
Active The End
Thanks for watching
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