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Marketing Me

No description

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Me

Grecia Durán
Business woman 1. About Me
2. My Culture's Values
3. My Personal Values
4. My SMART Goal
5. My SWOT Analysis
6. My 4 P's
7. Conclusion My SMART Goal I want to be a Marketing Director for International Hotel in Panama By 2020. Don't Limit your Challenges, Challenge Your limits !!! Agenda About Me From: Medellin, Colombia
Studied: Business Management My Personal Values My home 1. Climate 15 C' to 23 C'
2. Population 2.7 million Colombia Name: Grecia Carolina Durán López
Age: 24 years old Happy and friendly Santa Marta 1. Climate 27 C' to 35 C'
2. Population 431.781 Medellin My culture's Values Friendly Delicious Food Festivals Talent My SMART Goal Colombia Map Specific Marketing
Director 2013 2020 2015 2018 General Manager Marketing Assitant Senior Manager Archievable Degree Business Management
Business English
Experience 6 years
Master My SMART Goal Timely Marketing
Director 2013 2020 2015 Master
Canada 2018 May 2013
Get a Job in Panama March 22/2013
Degree Find a jOB General Manager Marketing Assitant Senior Manager Measurable Get a Job in May/2013 My SMART Goal My SMART Goal Relevant Networking around the world Hight Salary Have Fun Meet people Travel My SWOT Analysis Strengths My SWOT Analysis Weaknesses My SWOT Analysis Opportunities My SWOT Analysis English Habilities

People with experience

Another Country My place Panama My Promotion My price Plan B Colombia Autonomous Comunicative Positive Persistent Umpatient
Time Management
Lack focus
Perfectionist A lot of Hotels build
Hotels Need young, Autonomous and Persist people

Colombian people
The best economy in Latin America Threats Currency
American Dollar

from 24 C to 33 C

Population - Rank 133

Pitcairn Islands (UK) 66 Rank 242

China Rank 1st 1,347,350,000 Currency
Colombian Peso Population-Rank 27
46,780,000 Panama 2013
Us 24,000 annual 2020
Us120,000 annual God and Holy Mary Family Friends
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