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Materials dvelopment

No description

Raquel Pires

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Materials dvelopment

In materials development these six factors have to be considered by producers or teachers: materials evaluation, materials production, materials adaptation, design, exploitation and researches, Tomlison (2011).
Developing materials is not a simple activity as someone could think so. It requires many important aspects in its production, since these materials are going to be crucial tools for English Language Teaching - ELT.
Materials dvelopment
According to Tomlison (2011) this term is related to people who produce materials for language learning or use them, like teachers.
The first one, materials evaluation, consists evaluating how the materials can be useful for students learning. So, before writing materials, it's important to establish criteria first.
Materials evaluation criteria are:
correct, cultural, relevant, appropriate and answerable.
About materials production, Tomlison (2003) asserts that there aren't criteria, but there are some principles writers should think about before starting to produce materials, like "how do we learn a foreign language?"
Materials adaptation is a meaningful source for creative teachers, Madsen & Bowen (1978) point out that good teachers adapt the materials they are using according to students context.
Design refers futher than a beautiful layout, but texts and images must have an objective , a pedagogical purpose. "Why is that picture overthere?" The answer for this question has to be "because it provides a better comprehension, it complements the text.
Exploitation and researches are very similar because they reflect issues about language learning materials' use or production. For example, there are researches about textbooks Alright (1990) is against, while O'Neil defend them.
Besides all these characteristics in materials development. Every person who wants to produce or use materials for ELT should know that they can be:
Informative, instructional, experiential, eliciting and exploratory.
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