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population control strategy

No description

Daniel johnson

on 7 February 2016

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Transcript of population control strategy

population control strategy
Today we'll be focusing on how china controls its population. The one child policy, was a way of controlling the population of China. This was introduced between 1978 and 1980 and has only just recently be changed. This "one child policy" had many impacts on the country...
sex ratio
There are many more boys in china than girls. Data has shown that for every 100 females there are 106 males. This is mostly down to sex-related abortions. When families know they are having a girl, as they know they are only to have one child some families are strongly after boys. 90% of abortions were targeted at baby girls.
Average age
Because each family are only aloud one child, the parents generation in theory should have double the amount of people as the childs generation
births prevented
Since the one child policy 400,000,000 births have been prevented. Some may classify this as a good thing however some people may think quite the opposite.
A change
Only recently has the one child population been dismissed. The policy has now been changed to a two child policy.
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