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Business Studies

No description

HHGS Business

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Business Studies

Woolworths Limited is a major
Australian company
with extensive retail interest throughout
New Zealand
. It is the largest retail company in Australia and New Zealand by market capitalization and sales, and is the
largest food retailer in Australia
Is the largest takeaway liquor retailer in Australia, largest hotel and gaming poker machine operator in Australia and was the
19th largest retailer
in the world in

History of
Woolworths is a proud Australian company that was founded in 1924 in Sydney. When the first store opened, the founding CEO, Percy Christmas stated a key principle for Woolworths:
"Every man, woman and child needs a handy place where good things are cheap."
- Percy Christmas
What Woolworths is doing now...
This principle is just as important today as it was in 1924 and they work hard to live up to this vision by offering the best possible convenience, value, range and quality to the
28 million
customers they serve each week.
Woolworths has more than
stores across Australia and New Zealand, that span food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise, home improvement and hotels. Woolworths is a proud, home-grown Australian business, employer of more than
195,000 people
and committed business partner of many thousand local farmers, producers and manufacturers.

Woolworths’ current business growth plan is built on 4 key strategic priorities:
1. Extended leadership in food and liquor.
2. Act on our portfolio to maximize shareholder value.
3. Maintain our track record of building new growth businesses.
4. Put in place the enablers for a new era of growth.

Influences on the Business
Technological Influences
Social Influences
Competitive Situations
Economic Influences

Technological Advances
Should you or shouldn't you invest?
In the previous year (2013), Woolworths Limited had a net profit (after tax) of
$2.35 billion
, which had increased
from the previous year on a continuing operations basis. The company had returned
$2.2 billion
in dividends to shareholders.
In the chart below, it is evident that each dividend per share (cents), had increased since 2009. Dividends had increased 5.6% per share to 133 cents for the 2013 financial year, up 126 cents from the year before.
Social Influences
Competitive Situations
In the food component of Woolworths Limited their primary competition is
. Wooloworths have put in place certain loyalty programs to maintain customer loyalty, these programs include such things as
point systems
discount fuel offers.
Consumers are looking for a shopping experience to be as
as possible.
Woolworths Limited have stayed up to date with their technology making it as easy for consumers as possible, such as
online shopping, self service checkouts, full banking capabilities at checkouts, home deliveries and SMS notifications
Woolworths have become more concerned with consumer demand and the healthy lifestyle that accommodates the wants and needs of consumers - by this, Woolworths Limited have created a new product pipeline, under
Macro Wholefoods
, bringing a range of organic products that are produced without chemicals with sustainable farming practices.

Economic Influences
Their Brands
Woolworths manages some of Australia's most recognised and trusted brands. We endeavour to create a world class experience for consumers across all our stores and platforms.
Supermarkets and Petrol
Woolworths is Australia's largest supermarket chain, operating
stores across the county
160 stores
18000 staff
, and over
20,000 product lines
, Countdown is committed to providing customers right across New Zealand with great choice, convenience and value.
Woolworths Liquor Group
Carries over
3500 products
of spirits and beers,
of wines as well as
5000 products
available online.
Opened it's first store and now operates
1100 stores
across Australia.

possess a history of stability and profitability
The total dollar market value of all of a company's outstanding shares. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying a company's shares outstanding by the current market price of one share.

Economic level of activity major impact on revenue, operating costs, profit and deficiency levels
Boom period
, the company is able to make a lot of profit as more consumers are willing to spend and production of goods and services increase as there is more demand
Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
- Despite the defensive, maintainable and predictable earnings, stock price still plunged
, from
– creating a wonderful opportunity for investors to buy.
Rely heavily on local farmers and importing products from overseas
Dollar is high - purchasing cost is low
Dollar is low - purchasing cost is high

stores across Australia and
employees, Big W made
$4.38 billion
last year in revenue, making it the leading outlet store in revenue across the country.
Think about this...
Woolworths Limited is able to stay afloat as it is one of the major retailers in Australia and New Zealand due to high revenue and an outstanding number of brands and locations that Woolworths Limited own.

You, the investors should invest in this business as they provide certainty through the legal structure (being a public company), are able to maintain/increase margins and are able to float consistently through the impacts of the influences on the business that you have been introduced to in this presentation
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