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Ancient Greek Wars - An Introduction

a quick look at a few important battles in ancient Greek history

Stefanie Foster

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Wars - An Introduction

The Persian Wars The Delian League Xerxes The Battle of Marathon Perisan King Darius invades Greece in 490BC Darius dies
his son Xerxes invades Greece in 480BC leading one of the largest ancient armies in history
Athens and Sparta make an alliance (several other Greek States join them)
The Persian army succeeds in burning Athens to the ground
At the Battle of Thermopylae a small force of Spartans (led by Leonidas of "This is Sparta" fame) repels the Persian army for an extended period of time, but eventually Persia defeats them
The Persians run amok in Greece
The Athenian Navy takes control of operations - defeats the Persian invasion Persia was an ever expanding empire which had already overtaken most of Asia Minor and was looking to expand into Greek territory because Athens had allied itself with the Ionians when they revolted against Persian rule. The Athenians (and Ionians) succeed in burning the Persian city of Sardis
Persia retaliates and threatens to burn Athens to the Ground
At the Battle of Marathon, despite being outnumbered, the Athenians and their allies repel the Persians
Darius retreats - heads back to Asia to rebuild his army The city-states of Greece create an alliance called the Delian League to fight against the Persians
Eventually Athens begins to take control of the League - begin to use its resources for their own gains
The other city-states, especially Sparta are not happy about the growth of this new "Athenian Empire" The Peloponnesian Wars As Athens control over the Delian League continued to grow becoming the Athenian Empire
Athens began demanding tribute from the other members of the league and abusing the resources of the League's members to build their navy - Pericles also used League money to help fund their building program (the Parthenon was built with league funds)
The Spartans were especially opposed to the growing power of Athens The Peloponessian League As the Delian League grew in power the Spartan's formed their own league of city-states, the Peloponnessian League
Athens attacked the Peloponessian coastline
so...Sparta invaded Attica
They sign a peace treaty but Athens attacks a Peloponnesian League member
so... the League takes action basically wiping out the Delian Army Then Sparta allies with Persia and begins invading Delian allies and destroying the Athenian navy in the process
without its navy to protect it, Athens is forced to surrender Sparta now controls Greece
the cost of war has destroyed the Greek economy, poverty is everywhere
Athens, which had been the cultural centre of Greece during the Golden age is now completely devestated Darius Thats him ... not this guy! Modern Leagues
maybe you've heard of some of them... The United Nations (UN)
- a league of independant nations formed in 1945 to promote peace and security

The International Olympic Committee

The G8 and G20

The European Union - an alliance of most of the countries in Europe

The Justice League - a league of extraordinary heroes including... Many wars are fought between two opposing alliances:
For example:
WWI - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria & The Ottoman Empire are allied against France, Britain, Serbia and Russia
WWII - the Alliance (England, Canada, France, the USA) vs. The Axis (Germany, Austria, Japan)
The Two Leagues Begin Fighting with eachother... Wars in Ancient
Greece: An Introduction The Trojan War For a long time the Trojan War was thought to be just a myth but recent archeological evidence suggests that it was a real battle which took place in about 1200bc. Archeologists have actually uncovered what is thought to be the ruins of Troy
The Myth of Troy says that Paris, a prince of Troy, kidnapped Helen from her Spartan husband. She was so beautiful that her hubby, Menalaus launched 1000 ships towards Troy in hopes of getting her back. The war raged on for 10 years until the Spartans came up with a new strategy. They built a large wooden horse, filled it with soldiers and left in outside the gates of Troy. The Trojans, thinking it was a tribute for Athena, wheeled it into the walls of the city. The Spartan soldiers crept out of the horse in the night and burned Troy to the ground. Scholars aren't sure
how much of this story
is myth and how much is truth but the archeological evidence does suggest that a war did happen and a city was indeed burnt to the ground. The Golden Age in Greece is over and the stage is set for Macedonian takeover (Alexander the Great conquers Greece in the 4th century BC)
then in the 3rd century BC the Roman Empire takes Greece for itself
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