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Roald Dahl

No description

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Roald Dahl

how many books has he written?
Roald Dahl
by Sophie.B
what is the history of Roald Dahl?
what dvds have been made from the books?
He has also written some Novels for adult fiction.
These are the most popular books that Roald Dahl has written.
Roald Dahl has also wrtten some adults books.
Here are some of them.
Roald Dahl has written 24 childrens books.
Roald Dahl had to send his books to a publisher around 20 to 30 times before it could be published.
Roald Dahl's first published work was a book called "A piece of cake"published and finshed on the 1st of August 1942.
James and the giant peach was the first movie made based on the book.
Charlie and the chocolate factory was one of Roald Dahls favourite books that he wrote.
It took over around 13 months to make the movie of the original charlie and the chocolate factorty.
Apparently Roald Dahl was about to make a book called Charlie and the white house.
This book was supposed to have some relation to Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Some of Roald Dahls books are different to the movies because either Roald Dahl didn't direct it or it was too long.
Roald Dahl started out as a fighter pilot in the R.A.F (Royal air force)
He also crashed his plane when in action.
Roald Dahl's favourite colour was yellow that is why he always used yellow pencils with a pink rubber.
Roald Dahl was born in Wales 1916. his parents were Norwegian,Sofie Magdalane and Harry Dahl.
Roald Dahl married american actress Patricia Neal on the second of july in a church in New York city.
Roald Dahl and his new wife had 5 children
The youngest daughter Lucy had not been born.
In 1964, Roald Dahls wife Patricia suffered from cerebral aneurysms while being pregnant with their fifth child. Fortunately she did not die.
Roald Dahl was born in Wales 1916. His two Norwegian parents had all passed away by the time he was 19 years old.
Roald dahl attended Repton school in Derbyshire whre according to his book Boy tales of childhood, met a friend named Michael who was viciously canned by the headmaster Gefforey fisher.
These are some of Roald Dahls favourite things and hobbies.
Birthday: 13 of september.
Colour of eyes: bluey grey.
Colour of hair: greyish
Special virtue: Never satisfied with what i've done.
Special vice; Drinking.
Favourite colour: yellow.
Favourite food: Caviar.
Favourite music: Beethoven.
Favourite personality: Wife and kids.
Favourite sound: Piano.
Favourite tv programme: News.
Favourite smell: Bacon.
Favourite book when i was young: M. Midshipman easy.
If i wasn't an author i would like to be: A doctor
Most frightning moment: In a hurricane in the R.A.F 1941!!
Most funniest moment: Being born.
Motto: My candle burns at both ends, it will last the night. But all my family and all my friends it gives a lovely light.
This survey was done a few weeks before Roald Dahl died.
Here is the survey.
When Roald Dahl was writing, he alwaysed used a yellow pencil with a pink rubber. He also wrote in his blue gypsy wagon.
Here is a picture of the pencils that he wrote with.
This is the blue gypsy cottage that he always wrote in.
When RoaldDahl was little he was a huge fan of ghost stories.
This inspired him to write his own book called Ghost stories.
Roald Dahl enjoyed playing with words and inventing new ones. Here are some of the words he created.
(Means doing something very quickly).

(A nice gossipy conversation).
(Someone who talks alot).
(Delicious and lovely).
(When something starts going rotten and manky).
Telly Telly bunkin box.
(This is the word for telivision in the B.F.G).
Electric fizzcockler.
(A crazy chinese sweet that gives you an electric shock).
Wonka vite.
(An invention that makes people look younger).
(Stinky rubbish).
(A green pale drink that makes you fart).
(An idiot or foolish person).
Pink spotted scrunch.
(A venomous or posionouscreature).
Mint jube.
(A sweet that turns your teeth green)
Roald Dahl even made his own language called Gobblefunk.
Roald Dahl loved making words. He said that it gave him ideas for stories.
Sadly in 1990, he suffered from a blood disease at the age of 74.
He was burried at St Peters cemetery Buckinghamshire England.
Thankyou for watching my prezi on Roald Dahl!!!
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