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scientific method 2

No description

kylie green

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of scientific method 2

Ask a Question
Background Research
Test the Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
Analyze Data & Draw Conclusion
Report Results, was Hypothesis Correct?
The Scientific Method
Created By:
- Mary Fredericks
- Monique Ruiz
- Kylie Green
- Giselle Galvan
Thank You For Watching!!
1. Ask a Question
- Observe
- Come up with a question
2. Do Background Research
4. Test your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
3. Construct a Hypothesis
6. Report your Results. Was your Hypothesis Correct?
- Dertemine if you hypothesis was correct
- explain why it was wring or write
5. Analyze your Data & Draw Conclusions
- Use graphs to show your actual results
- Compare your results to your hypothesis
In this step you have to ask/develop a question that can be answered by an experiment
Step #1
question: "How long can a tomato plant grow in 2 weeks?"
experiment: grow a tomato plant for 2 weeks and measure it daily
The Scientific Method involves a series of steps (5-9) that are used to investigate an occurrence.

in this step you...
make observations
research your topic of interest
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4
Step #5
Step #6
- Observe
_ Do research about your topic
- Use books, internet, magazines, newspapers, people to find information
the background info would be about how tall tomato plants usually grow in 2 weeks
Monique Ruiz
Monique Ruiz
Kylie Green
Giselle Galvan
Mary Fredericks
Monique Ruiz
Check if the hypothesis is correct by doing an experiment
Examine main points, check if answer is correct"draw a conclusion"
Giselle Galvan
A hypothesis is an edgucated guess
I think the tomato plant will grow 4 inches in 2 weeks
My hypothesis was correct. The tomato plant grew 4 in 2 weeks.
You have to look at your results and tell whether or not your hypothesis was correct or incorrect
write down how many inches per week the tomato plant grew. then look at your data.
-Make an edgucated guess
- Write down to compare later
- Do an experiment
- Observe
- Write down
put a tomato plant and measure it daily
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