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A prezi on Minecraft

Samuel Hargrave

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft!!!

Prezi of Minecraft There are many Minecraft imitations, but
they are nowhere as good Minecraft Minecraft has several things you can do in it. These are the most basic 1.) Crafting
2.) Building
3.) Mining
4.) Mob -Slaying Crafting Crafting is where you take blocks found in the wild and make them into more useful items. To craft you must use a crafting table. Building Building is when you build. (duh) There are many things to build from EDEN... ;-( Mining Mining is when you dig in the ground to find useful things to let you craft, including: Iron
Lapis Lazuli
Emeralds Mob Slaying Mob slaying is when you slay mobs. Mobs are creatures that attack you. If you can kill them without dying, you win items Creeper Zombie Skeleton Enderman Redstone Redstone is like the wiring system of minecraft.
It can set off and open doors. You can also
make more complex comtraptions that can do cool things like open walls then close them after you TNT Other things *Redstone - the wiring of Minecraft
*Nether - the Minecraft underworld
*THE END - where the Ender Dragon is, once beat you have won Minecraft The Nether The Nether can only be reached by a nether portal. It has its own unique mobs. Ghast Zombie
Pigman Blaze Wither The End "the end" The end is where you fight the Ender dragon. The only way to kill him is to destroy the tall obsidian pillars that have a unique block on top that gives him health. Then you have to kill him. End Portal Ender Dragon Nether Portal Redstone Redstone is the wiring of Minecraft. You can use it to make extremly complex circuts that can even work like a calculator. Things to do in Minecraft... * Crafting
* Building
* Mining
* Mob-slaying
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