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A Hero's Journey: Wall-E

No description

Miles Miller

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Wall-E

A Hero's Journey: WALL-E
Part III: Departure
Wall-E follows the ship that has taken EVE back to space
Part IV:
WALL-E must find his way around the ship to find EVE.
Part V: Approach
EVE fulfills her mission to bring the plant to the captain.
Part VI: Crisis
The ship's autopilot stops the ship from returning home.
Part I:The Call to Adventure
Part II: Assistance
WALL-E finds a plant and a spaceship
WALL-E meets EVE and helps her escape the storm and shows her stuff that he found.
Part VII: Treasure
WALL-E is damaged and EVE is looking for parts to save him
Part VIII : Return
WALL-E puts the plant in the detector and the ship begins to head home
Part XI: Resolution
They start planting to rebuild Earth
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