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Photo Copyright Law

No description

Mikaila Szkil

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Photo Copyright Law

Photo Copyright Law background: Published vs. Unpublished Photographs Published photographs: distribution of photos to the public for display...internet uploading is not covered under this definition of publication
Unpublished photographs: able to claim copyright through application and fee Types of forms: - three types of forms: - electronic Copyright Office (eCO) (preferred way)
- Form CO
- Paper Forms Internet information about photo copyright and the internet still not exact
there are three important ways a photographer can protect themselves from copyright infrigement involving the internet
unfortunately, these ways to do not completely protect a photographer's work we are constantly surrounded by images
Americans are exposed to an average of 3,000 images a day
photographs are important in everything, from covers of albums to photos in textbooks What Does Copyright Mean? Just like music and writings, no one is allowed to use a photograph without the photgrapher's permission.
whoever took the picture owns the photograph Myths: belief that the photographer has copyright claim at the click of the button
if the photo is in a "newsgroup" (for example: Usenet) then the photo is considered in public domain
if the photo does not a have a © symbol then it does not have copyright lawsuit: V-J Day in Times Square taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt
In 2005, John Seward used image to build a life-scale sculpture shown around the United States
Life Magainze tried to sue Seward for copyright infrigement Life was not able to sue him because Seward claimed that he used Victor Jorgensen's image since it was in public domain. The End by: Kali Szkil
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