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Analysis of Larry LaSalle

No description

Sharon Jose

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of Larry LaSalle

Analysis of Larry LaSalle in Chapter 5.
By Sharon Jose.

Larry LaSalle's first appearance.
'A tall slim man...,''a lock of blonde hair tumbling over his forehead, a smile that revealed dazzling movie-star teeth'.
Larry's first appearance in the novel is established as a 'dazzling movie-star' he is also established as an attractive and glamorous figure. The description of Larry LaSalle is as if he has just stepped down from the cinema screen, this makes him a natural center of attention. Larry is portrayed in stark contrast as a god from heaven, his handsome looks get peoples attention fast and women would find his looks simply irresistible.
'He was most of all a teacher'.
Larry is described as a 'teacher' who mentors and helps the local youth club. As a 'teacher', Larry has a responsibility to all the children in his care. This quotation also emphasies Francis's language and alludes his admiration for Larry. Larry is also described as an 'athlete' and 'dancer' which impresses everyone in frenchtown, this also alludes to the fact that Larry is maybe more masculine but he's also in touch with his feminine side.
'Rumours told us that Larry LaSalle had also been a star, performing in night- clubs in the New York and Chicago'.

This quotation leads us to think as to why Larry left both New York and Chicago. This also alludes that Larry has a mysterious past and that he is running away from something that he perhaps should have not done in the first place. The 'rumours' implies false or fake information of Larry's characteristics.

'Dark hints..'
'There were dark hints that he had 'gotten into trouble' in New York City... The air of mystery that surrounded him added to his glamour'.
This alludes that Larry has already 'gotten into trouble'. This also conveys that Larry has a distinct 'persona' which hints that he as a mask that hides his sinister side'. This quote also foreshadows that the 'Wreck Centre' is attracted to 'doom'. The words 'Wreck Centre' carries negative thoughts and also shows that Francis is wallowing in his guilt.
'Athlete' and 'Dancer'
'Larry LaSalle had the broad shoulders of an athlete and the narrow hips of a dancer'.
Here, the reader is given the first sense of what Larry LaSalle was like. He apparently was a 'dancer' and also an 'athlete'. This makes the reader wonder as to why Francis wants to kill Larry, maybe Francis is perhaps jealous of his talents and also maybe he's jealous that Nicole looks at Larry as 'something more' than a 'teacher'.
'Was our Champion...'
our champion and we were happy to be in his presence'.
This alludes to Larry winning respect and the devotion of all young people in the wreck centre because he is good at the things they admire. As their 'hero' they believe that he can do no wrong. This quotation also emphasies Francis's language and alludes that Larry
a 'champion' but must have done something wrong for him not to be one anymore.
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